The Link:’s Newsletter January 2013

Thin Website Content

SEO in 2013 is shaping up to be more diverse and holistic in nature, and the old search engine optimization methods are quickly finding themselves kicked to the curb with each of Google’s algorithm updates. What once were tried and true tactics for increasing traffic, leads and sales are now causing pain points for many […]

The Link:'s Newsletter December 2012

8 Things That Changed the Internet Marketing Industry in 2012 In just this past year, there have been remarkable changes and challenges in internet marketing. The Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) became the largest protest in the history of the internet. Google’s Gmail became the world’s most popular email service. China blocked the New York […]

The Link:'s Newsletter November 2012

Presidential Election

A Lesson in SEO from the Presidential Debates Politicians may be the ones using fighting words during debates for next month’s election, but it’s the search engines that are doing damage. When you enter the search query “completely wrong” on Google Images, the results are dominated by pictures of the presidential candidate Mitt Romney. With […]

Traditional News In A Social Media World

traditional news in a social media world

Social Media and News: A Match Made In Heaven I can’t really think of another industry that’s a better fit for social media than the news industry. Think about it: high-quality content that’s produced on a consistent, timely basis, that users want, need, and crave. But even the most perfect couples have problems they need […]

The Link —'s Newsletter September 2012

Startup to Success: Businesses That Only Used Online Marketing to Make it In the case of two personal hygiene startups, a promising social media site and a personal finance business, there was a defined magical moment when almost overnight these businesses seemed to take off. In these instances, this moment wouldn’t have been possible without […]

Congrats To Our Clients Who Have Been Named To The Prestigious Inc. 5000 List

Congrats To Our Clients Who Have Been Named To The Prestigious Inc. 5000 List

It’s been an exciting year for to say the least. Last month we were named to the Inc. 500 fastest growing companies in the country and to Utah Business Magazine Fast 50. Our success and growth would not be possible if our clients weren’t also succeeding and growing. We want to congratulate and highlight […]

The Link —'s Newsletter August 2012


It’s Not All About Traffic Everyone with a website loves traffic, and although attracting an audience is a big goal, it isn’t the main goal. Website traffic in and of itself does not keep you in business—it’s those who follow through with your call to action. If you focus solely on increasing your number of […]