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Starting a Dental Practice

You’ve got your dental business plan in place, and you’ve been working hard to get all your licenses, registrations, zoning, taxes, and insurance in order. (We recommend taking a look at this checklist provided by the ADA to make sure you’ve got everything covered.) You have even started looking for a friendly staff that has experience working with dental patients.

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Dental Goodie Bags

In many practices, it’s something of a tradition to provide dental bags for patients once the procedure is over. However, given the costs and time involved with producing them, many dentists are starting the question its value.

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Dental Promotions that Work

Effective dental promotions should serve two specific functions. First, they need to help grow your practice by bringing new patients to the office. Second, they need to build loyalty with your current patients so you can continue working with them for years to come.

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Creating a Brand They'll Remember

Building a brand is all about creating awareness and familiarity. A brand defines your practice for yourself, your staff, your potential patients, and it establishes the right expectations for everyone involved.

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