Arm & Leg Wrestling Championship

Congratulations to Jon, one of our SEO Specialists, who won the first ever arm and leg wrestling championship this afternoon. He was the undefeated, undisputed champion in right arm, and both legs. There are rumors that several losing players dispute the results citing possible use of performance enhancing substances.

Honorary mention to Adam who bench pressed a co-worker 😉

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  1. Adam says

    Well thanks for the honorary mention, it feels good to be able to bench press your coworkers, and also have the chance to compete for the Office Olympics title of “Highest Bench Pressed weight by an Employee”

  2. Jon says

    This title means so much to me and my career. I’m just glad that all of the hard work and strenuous mental preparation has finally paid off! As for the performance enhancing drugs, I’ve never taken any as the results of my testing will prove. Other than a little blood doping to ensure my win at some bean bag races in my earlier years I haven’t taken anything close. To my knowledge Invigoration Draught is not an illegal substance.

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