SEO Strategist

Job Reports To:

Director of SEO

Job Type:

Full time, exempt

Job Description:

The SEO Strategist is given tasks related to all aspects of Internet marketing and search engine optimization. The SEO Strategist performs market research, competitive analyses, site optimizations, and assists with link acquisition for clients. This person will also provide thorough analyses of client campaigns and create reports for SEO Managers, Account Executives, and clients. The SEO Strategist is involved in building and overseeing processes and improving overall team efficiencies.

Job Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Perform Client Audits including:
    • Site Audits
    • Link Acquisition Audits
    • Ranking Audits
    • Analytics Audits
  • Assist with SEO task fulfillment
    • Market research
    • Competitive market analysis
    • Optimization of website content and code
    • Link prospecting and acquisition
  • Reporting:
    • Task Completion Review – This position is responsible for analyzing task completion times and establishing a benchmark for each type of task completed by the SEO team. The SEO Strategist will then analyze employee’s completion times, the quality of the task, and provide a quality control report to the Directors of SEO of employee efficiency and effectiveness
    • Provide ongoing SEO campaign updates to SEO Manager and Account Executive
  • Testing:
    • Use analysis tools to create detailed reports for SEO Manager, Account Executive, and SEO Director
    • Use link acquisition tools to identify potential link opportunities for client campaigns
  • Assist in identifying upsell opportunities of other products and services for clients and coordinate with the SEO team and Sales Representative to create proposal
  • Contribute to the blog as an industry expert

Education, Skills, & Years of Experience:

  • Internet research skills
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills
  • Strong understanding of tools and techniques
  • Thorough understanding of website analytics
  • Analytical thinker/problem solver—able to devise and execute relevant solutions
  • At least one year of SEO experience
  • Results-driven, organized and very self-directed
  • Possesses a proven track record in natural search engine marketing
  • Able to translate business requirements into deliverables
  • Works well in a team setting, is able to meet deadlines, and is comfortable managing several tasks simultaneously
  • Proficient in MS Office
  • Bachelor’s degree degree preferred
  • Knowledge of HTML, database-driven websites, blogging, etc. is an advantage