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Why National SEO?

Does your potential market go beyond a storefront or office? It’s time to make a bold move with an effective national SEO campaign and start reaching beyond a local audience.

Get a cost-effective solution that delivers results.

Every type of SEO campaign has its own nuances, which means that planning for a national marketplace must be somewhat different than a local strategy if you are to achieve real growth and sustainability.

The fact is that search engine traffic converts 10x better than social media traffic, and organic SEO also performs 5.66x better than paid search. When you’re stepping up to compete on the national stage, you can’t afford to miss this opportunity.

How to Make National SEO Part of Your Online Marketing Strategy

At SEO.com, we work with you as a part of your marketing team to build the most effective national SEO strategy. We will look at the overall picture of your current position and strategy and then evaluate content, keywords so we can implement the tactics that will lead to some quick wins and long-term results.

You’ll have a team of experts in your corner that will work to build a successful campaign that can reach your target audience across the web and the country.

Our Approach

SEO.com uses proven steps and methods to turn your national SEO campaign into a success.

Evaluate your SEO strategy

We will audient your existing strategies and online presence to determine what needs to be done to kick off your campaign.

Do the keyword research 

What keywords will be the most lucrative? Which have a national focus? We will use these terms to attract more customers.

Research the competition

A competitive analysis will tell us what we need to know to make sure you can compete with established companies on a national level.

Plan an on- and off-site SEO strategy

We’ll prepare a roadmap so you can see exactly how we will optimize your site and begin driving traffic and links from other sites.

Build a content strategy 

There’s no such thing as too much quality content in a national campaign. We’ll produce effective content that appeals to your customers.

3-Month Scope

We will create a detailed breakdown of what your first 3 months of national SEO will look like so you will know what to expect every step of the way.

Implement your customized strategy

Our trained and experienced strategists will dive into the daily activities and work toward our milestones and goals.

Provide data and results

We track and report all the relevant metrics, data, and trends that are impacting your campaign so you are always kept in the loop.

Perks of Working With Us

Website Audit

Is your website healthy? We’ll do a full technical evaluation of your site’s structure, content, design, and more to ensure that there is nothing holding you back from optimal traffic. We’ll correct or optimize any issues and get your website in tip-top shape for the traffic your national SEO campaign will bring. 

Keyword Research

Rank for the keywords that people are searching for. At SEO.com we perform detailed research on keywords related to your brand and business so you can rank for the right terms. Something as simple as switching a couple of words around can be the difference between reaching handfuls or thousands of potential customers.

Competitive Research

Know what your competition is up to. No matter what industry you’re in, there is competition in any marketing space. When you step up to the national level, it just gets more intense. Our team will uncover the strategies your top competitors are using and determine opportunities they’re missing and tactics you can do better.

National Off-Site SEO and Link Building

Grow referrals and search engine presence with backlinks. Link building is an important tactic in an SEO strategy. It tells search engines that other people value your website and content, and therefore you deserve to rank higher. We focus on high-quality links done in a natural and ethical way to provide optimal results.

On-Site SEO

Optimizing your website gets rankings. It’s imperative that a website has a clear message and effective user experience so search engines can crawl and rank it appropriately while visitors can easily find what they need. SEO.com’s team of experts can evaluate your website and enhance it with everything you need to reach your audience.


Quality content gets results. Content plays a huge role in getting found online. Search engines continue to rely heavily on all forms of content to determine your online rankings. Our team has developed content marketing strategies for companies in a variety of industries, and we will tailor our services to your company’s voice, brand, and industry.

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Our National SEO Prices

This plan is perfect for covering all SEO aspects you need. If you want to get your website in tip top shape and rank for specific terms within 6 months

National Plan

If you are in need to reach a nation-wide (or even international) audience, this plan includes everything you require.

Plans start at

The Data

A national SEO campaign has a broad reach that will span your audience on a new level. As you enter this larger marketplace, consider these figures:

Organic search makes up 95% of all website traffic.

75% of internet users don’t scroll past the first page of search results. That means you need a great strategy that can get as many of your keywords as possible on page 1.

Speaking of rankings, blogs are a great way to get them. In fact, adding a blog to your site as part of your SEO strategy increases your chances of ranking on search engines like Google by more than 400%.

Numbers like these are the reason so many businesses are making SEO one of their top priorities in their marketing strategy.

So why not join them?

Our SEO strategies are designed to increase your chances of ranking for the most commonly searched terms in your industry. We want to help you get found all over the country by people who are looking for a service or a product like yours.

Breaking Down National SEO

Effective Research and Strategy

National SEO is perfect for large and small businesses that are ready to reach a much larger audience. Before you dive into this new arena, though, it’s important to fully research your current standings, the state of the competition, and discover where your opportunities are and what strategies will be the most effective.

We take an all-encompassing approach to SEO and will design a strategy that combines on- and off-site SEO, technical SEO, competitive research, and content-driven methods to help you find success. 

A National Competitive Edge

More than 60% of businesses value SEO as a part of their marketing strategy, so you’re going to need a competitive edge to get ahead on the national scene. You going up against many businesses that already have an SEO campaign in place, but you can team up with an online marketing company that has seen it all since we were founded in 2008.

We do things the right way and can tailor a custom strategy for your brand that will keep your competition on its toes.

Trusted Experts

SEO.com has worked with companies like Mary Kay, Dell, Bulk Apothecary and Ms. Fields and many more on large, extensive national campaigns.

Our knowledge and flexibility allow us to keep your campaign up with the changes and trends in the search engines so we can deliver the best results. No matter what your market or industry, we can tailor our online marketing solutions to meet your needs.

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