website launch checklist

A great domain name is just the prelude to a long list of to-dos before you can turn your investment into an effective and profitable website. It may seem like a daunting list, but if you take care of it all up front, it will save you countless headaches down the road.

New Website Checklist

  Got it Covered On the To-Do List What Are You Talking About?
Traffic Load
SSL Certificate
Custom 404 Pages
W3C Validation
Robots.txt File
Web Design      
Responsive Design
Multi-Browser Compatibility
Aesthetically Pleasing
Effective Branding
Intuitive Navigation
Clear Path to Sale/Contact
Website Performance      
Site Speed
Optimized for Conversion
Dead Links
Appropriate Quantity
Effectively Quality
Keyword Usage
Engaging Voice
Consistent Style
Delivers Important Information Immediately
ALT Tags
Relevant vs Generic
Google Analytics Setup
Event Tracking
Goal Tracking
eCommerce Tracking
Webmaster Tools Setup/Integration
Gathering Sufficient Information
Clear Instructions
Completed Forms Go to the Right People
Lead Tracking Software Installed
Title Tags
Meta Data
XML Sitemap
301 Redirects
Effective Site Architecture
Schema Markup
Social Integration      
Social Buttons
Local Maps Integration
RSS Feed

How is your checklist looking? Do you have a higher tally in the “Got it Covered” column or are you starting to sweat over the number of checks that showed up over on the far right? Maybe there are just a few things you need to finish off before the website launches. Maybe you weren’t aware of a lot of things that could hinder or help your website. Either way, this is the kind of thing we handle every day at If you’re getting ready to launch or revamp your website, contact us to see how we can help.