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Leverage Our Custom Digital Marketing Strategies To Acquire More Patients

Get your healthcare offer to the top of mind for both regular and new patients. At SEO.com our team of experts can help you set up the right digital marketing strategies to make you become a winning player online.

Change With The Times

Many healthcare providers have relied on in person marketing to generate leads – including events, seminars, business to business outreach, and networking events.

Due to Covid-19, these in person marketing efforts are not possible any more. To combat this loss, our experts at SEO.com can create a strategic digital marketing plan to replace the leads you would have had from traditional in person marketing efforts.

We will devise a plan to increase quality leads to your business via all of the available digital marketing channels.

What Can I Expect?

More Traffic

An optimized web site can improve your rankings in the search engines, which leads to more visitors.

More Conversions

All the website traffic in the world won’t mean a think if those visitors don’t become paying customers.

More Returns

As you build traffic and increase the conversion rate, you’ll see a direct impact on your bottom line.

More Trust

Your website can help establish your firm as an authoritative and trustworthy source of healthcare help.

More Engagement

Give potential clients a simple and easy way to connect and engage with the healthcare who can help.

More Sustainable Results

Get results and keep them. Use established tactics that can withstand the search algorithm updates.

Today 90% of patients use online reviews to evaluate doctors. It has never been so important for Healthcare providers to implement a marketing strategy, have an online presence, and keep a good reputation.

Healthcare Marketing Plans and Offers

80% of internet users in America go online to learn about health topics. We are proud of helping our clients take advantage of that. Our team of healthcare marketing specialists can help you get the market share you require to achieve your business goals.

Single Location

In cases where you have one or two locations, we’ll do a deep dive on your local presence, including a focus on Google My Business and local citations.

Plans start at


Multiple Branches

For groups with 3+ locations, we’ll still focus on local optimizations for each of the locations, but also increase the range of our efforts to cover more distance.

Plans start at



We can provide custom solutions, whether you have a national chain of clinics, a telehealth business, or are operating in a highly regulated field.

Plans start at


The Data

Your healthcare business needs to be online and have a good reputation.

Consider the following:

Video marketers get 66% more qualified leads per year than those that don’t do videos.

61% of customers who find you on a mobile phone will contact you.

41% of users have mentioned they would consider choosing a doctor or a medical facility after checking their social media.

It has never been so important for doctors and their organizations to be online and implementing a marketing strategy specially designed for healthcare.

We commit to helping you build and improve your reputation in the healthcare community. With SEO.com, you can work with a team of experts in online marketing for doctors and healthcare providers.

We know how to cover all aspects of the digital world to keep increasing your revenue.

76% of people who search on their smartphone for something nearby visit that business within a day.

Healthcare Success Story

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Choose the Right Team to Handle Your Online Presence

Climb to the top of the healthcare industry with a strong, integrated strategy and an experienced, trusted agency. Start the conversation about your online opportunities with one of our marketing specialists today. We’ll give you a complimentary consultation.

Questions? Call us today!

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