Infographic Package

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If a picture is worth a thousand words, get your waders on for a monsoon of information coming your way. An infographic from isn’t “just an image,” but rather a harmonious dance between words, images and illustration to represent complex ideas and relationships.


Product Description

Identify what you want your infographic to accomplish, where it is going to be posted, and some ideas you may want to convey. By now you should have your waders in hand, because the flood of information is coming. We take what you give us, toss it in our idea creation machine, and come back to you with three to five possible subjects for an infographic.

Together we determine which of the informational rivers we want to jump into and then plunge into it. By now, if those waders aren’t on it is too late.

Time for you to review our first draft. Give us your feedback and we will come back with the final draft along with code indicating showing you how to turn on the floods of information.

Creating the most effective infographics involves:

  • You provide us with your branding guide and general goals for Infographic
  • Within one business day of receiving the purchase confirmation we will request your branding guide, logo’s, and general goals for the Infographic
  • Within two business days from receiving branding guide and assets we will have a call discussing ideas
  • Within eight business days from when the title is determined, the first draft is provided and reviewed on a call
  • Within three business days, the final infographic is provided (total time 14 business days)

This package does not include:

  • Cleaning up, redesigning or modifying the clients existing logo
  • Waders to help deal with the flood of information provided


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