Pinterest Marketing Consultation

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Get a one hour consultation reviewing any issues and problems you are having with Pintrest along with a customized report laying out your plan-of-attack.

Product Description

Pinterest is very different than Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. It has its own culture and way of doing things. You have to understand the social network and its nuances to really tap into its potential. Here’s why we like Pinterest as a source of traffic:

  • Pinterest is the fastest growing social site ever
  • Pinterest demographics are awesome: they are educated, they have money, they are mostly women but the ratio of women to men is evening out
  • Pinterest users are extremely active on the network
  • We see great click through rates (the number clicks to your site divided by the number of times your content has been pinned)
  • You can build a targeted following on Pinterest fairly quickly
  • You don’t even need a Pinterest account to market on Pinterest

Since July of 2012, we’ve been testing and perfecting our Pinterest marketing skills.  We’ve developed a process that is specific to Pinterest and its unique set of users in order to drive targeted traffic to your site. You have to tell your story differently than you would on Facebook or Twitter.

We can guide you in making this happen for your site.

Here’s how you can make the most of Pinterest

1-Hour Consultation

We will analyze your Pinterest account and give you a detailed plan of how you can get more targeted traffic to your site, get more followers, keep your followers engaged with your brand.

What you will get within two week of purchasing the package:

  • A customized Pinterest Plan-of-Attack report
  • 1-hour phone or Skype consultation where we go over the plan and answer any of your questions
  • Our free ebook The Perfect Pinterest Formula: How to Get Mega Traffic to Your Site


Successful Pinterest Campaigns We’ve Run


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