Technical SEO Audit

$665.00 $598.00

So you have a site and it is bringing in leads. Everything is good now, right? Not really. A website, just like a car, needs maintenance and early warning systems.  When a check engine light comes on in your car there are problems. You can choose to ignore that light on the dash if you want, but that doesn’t make the underlying problem go away. designed the Technical SEO Audit as an early warning system, like a check engine light on your car, to make sure you are aware of things that are going wrong before you site comes crashing down. We plug into your website and do an analysis on how things are running. What you get out of it is a list of existing and potential issues that could be hindering your search traffic.

Product Description

Regular $665. Now $598.  On-Site Analysis with recommendations for SEO improvements. If your site is more than 10 thousand pages call to get a quote.

This analysis looks at:

  • URL structure

  • Information Architecture Optimization

  • Social Media and Scheme Implementation

  • Search Robots Optimization

  • Potential Target Page Optimization

    • Tags

    • Headings

    • Content

    • Images
  • This will be completed within one month of purchasing the package


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