Creating and Optimizing a Google+ Page For Your Business [eBook]

A practical guide to using Google+ to build your author authority and help your content rank higher in Google.

Reach new consumers and expand your company’s influence through creating, optimizing, and nurturing a Google+ business page.

Search and social are now intertwined through Google+ and Google’s “Search Plus Your World”, delivering more useful, customized search results personalized by users’ social networks.

Creating and Optimizing a Google+ Page For Your Business [eBook] CoverIn this free eBook, you’ll learn:

  • The benefits of Google+ for businesses over other social platforms
  • How to create a Google+ business page
  • What types of content to post to engage your audience
  • How to tie articles and other content to your business through establishing authorship
  • Practical ways to increase engagement using features like communities to build a network of industry influencers
  • And much more!

Google+ is an incredible tool for helping your content be found by the right people, so get started now!

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