Do More With SEOinsight

SEOinsight has the right tools to give you a clear perspective of your online marketing initiatives. Stay one step ahead of the competition with an in-depth look at your campaign, including rankings, analytics, links, social media marketing, and PPC.

  • SEO Campaign Management: Companies and organizations understand the importance of analyzing data and making data-driven decisions, and SEOinsight can deliver the information you need to do just that.
  • SEO Tools: The SEO analysis process has been simplified with SEOinsight. Metrics like competitors, authority, trust, backlinks, and search volume are gathered automatically, and woven directly into the dashboard.
  • Scheduled PDF Reports: Set an automated schedule of monthly, weekly or daily SEO reports to fit your needs.

Automated Ranking Reports

  • Daily Ranking Reports Updated Automatically – Rankings for Google and Bing are automatically gathered and displayed once every 24 hours
  • Rankings Screenshots – A screenshot is provided for all of your rankings in Google and Bing  SERPs. No need to manually verify rankings
  • Geographically-based Rankings – Different results are displayed based on your geographic location, so SEOinsight gives you the option to specify a country, region, and city for more accurate search engine results
  • Keyword Metrics – A concise list of trusted metrics from, Google Analytics, and Google Adwords is displayed in a customizable view

Website Analytics and Insight


With the right website analytics, you can gain valuable insight into the performance of your website to help you measure web traffic, track conversions and improve efficiency.

  • Integrated Google Analytics Dashboard: Easily connect all of your Google Analytics accounts and profiles on one place with SEOinsight
  • Easy to Understand Statistics: Website statistics can sometimes be difficult to understand. We provide a clear and simple view of the statistics business owners need to make the right decisions

Website Backlink Reports

  • Backlink Monitoring and Analysis: With SEOinsight, you can gain a complete understanding of your backlink portfolio within minutes with data that is updated every 30 minutes
  • Monitor Important Backlinks: Analyze crawl reports, backlink status and anchor text with our easy to understand reports

Social Media Reports

  • Social Media Insight: Gain valuable information about your social media profiles, including YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook. Easily post a message, and share across multiple accounts simultaneously
  • Manage Social Footprints and Chart Performance: With SEOinsight, you can connect your social media accounts through analytics APIs to gain valuable performance metrics and manage social interaction. Engage across multiple networks, and manage your social footprint from a single dashboard

PPC Reports

Simple PPC Performance Tracking and Reports: Integrate with the latest Google Adwords API, and view web stats, PPC campaign performance, and rankings in one place.

Integrate with Google Adwords: View rankings and statistics in one system with the Google Adwords API.

Track Adwords Performance: Complex reports are simplified with SEOinsight. View clicks, cost-per-click, and conversions with an integrated dashboard.