What the Bing! Should You Make The Switch?

What the Bing! Should You Make The Switch

Will Bing Out-Social Google? Does the average Joe or Jane REALLY prefer Bing to Google’s search results? Let me start with a side note. Last Thursday was Google’s 14th birthday. Did you notice, did you care, and did you send Google a present for being your favorite search engine? Since you probably did not… Bing […]

When Bing is More Important than Google

Sure, Google may account for 70% of all search traffic, but that doesn’t mean it’s that high for your client and their target market. There are times when the search engine of choice for your customers will be Bing. A client asked if it would be worth investing time and focusing efforts on increasing their […]

The History of Search [infographic]

From the beginning man has constantly been searching for something, whether it was cavemen searching for food and shelter, philosophers searching for the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe, and everything (The answer is 42 by the way) or teenagers searching for their friends and favorite music. Searching has always been part […]

Yahoo Will Begin Testing Bing Powered Results This Month

Yahoo recently sent out an email to their advertisers that discusses some of the organic Yahoo to Bing transition topics. The email goes over some of the basic questions about the transition and gives some pointers, but it adds some appreciated insight into the launch of the Bing search results in the Yahoo engine and […]