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3 Ways To Make Your Website Visitors Bounce

3 Ways To Make Your Website Visitors Bounce

What Is The First Thing You Notice About A Blog Or Website When You Arrive? I would bet my first born child the majority of you would say, “the appearance.” Whenever we surf the Internet—among the clutter and fluff of information and spectacle—we are consistently drawn to what we see first. What our eyes distinguish […]

What is Bounce Rate? [Video FAQ]

What is bouce rate

Hi, I’m Nate Babbel, and today I will be answering the question: What Is Bounce Rate? Bounce rate is the percentage of your website visitors that leave after only viewing 1 page of your site. Some of the top reasons a visitor can “bounce” are: Your website takes too long to load. Your website design […]

Lower Your Website Bounce Rate in 2010

A lot of people have made a New Year’s resolution to lose weight in 2010. For website owners, you might have made a similar commitment to lose some undesired thing: your high bounce rate. To make this type of resolution come true, first you need to understand what causes a visitor to bounce from your […]

Stop that Bouncing!

I’m bouncing around the web again. I’ve been searching for the latest news on American Idol’s Adam Lambert and haven’t found a great deal of worthwhile information–at least information that encourages me to stay on the site for more than 30 seconds. If you’re regularly checking your website analytics, you’ve looked at your bounce rate. […]