Your Website and the Butt-Brush Effect

Chances are you may have heard of the Butt-Brush Effect, from Paco Underhill’s seminal work, “Why We Buy.” A brief synopsis of the Butt-Brush Effect: Underhill observed women shopping for neckties at a department store (not in a creepy way, he was conducting research). He noticed that the racks were really close to the entrance […]

7 Pitfalls that Will Devastate Your Website Conversion Rate

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Is there any more common, sad experience than a business owner or marketing executive rolling out a new website with great expectations only to see its performance fall flat? If you find yourself in this leaky boat, here are some possible reasons your website is missing the mark with your target audience: 1. Your Website […]

Simplify. Track Goals. Sell More Stuff.

Eliminate everything on your website that doesn’t contribute to the primary objective. Every website has one major objective. It could be a purchase, download, contact form submission, or any number of actions. It also has several other less important but necessary objectives; actions that only indirectly result in a sale. A successful website is one where every […]

If Internet Marketing Was a Football Team: Position-by-Position Breakdown

College Football is back tonight with Utah vs. Pittsburgh. Other local games this weekend include BYU vs. Washington and Utah State vs. Oklahoma. Everything is right in the world again. In honor of college football’s return, here are the position-by-position starters if Internet marketing strategies made up a football team: Head Coach – Analytics and […]

3 Conversion Busters You Can Easily Fix Today

I review several websites every week, analyzing them from the perspective of usability and overall ability to converting traffic to customers/leads. While a fair amount of businesses out there are getting their act together where online user experience is concerned, I’m constantly amazed by the huge amount of low-hanging conversion optimization fruit still out there […]

Creating a Consistent Offline to Online Branding Experience

Many companies choose to complement their search marketing campaign with traditional offline methods. For those who use direct mail, radio, TV, or magazines to drive website traffic, care must be taken to ensure the transition from offline to online be as seamless as possible. If you have ever received a distinct marketing piece that drove […]

Statistically Insignificant Slice of Wisdom From Conversion Conference

My head is still spinning from the awesomeness proffered at the inaugural Conversion Conference held last week in San Jose, Calif. Not only could I not share every bit of value (believe me, I tried – to the tune of 160+ tweets), I’m still distilling new insights from my scattered notes.   But, since I […]

Website Conversion Best Practices … and When to Ignore Them, Part 1

As a conversion optimizer, I cringe at the phrase “best practice.” Best practices may be quite reliable when it comes to personal etiquette, getting dressed, driving a car, or skydiving, but in my line of work, you gotta be careful about putting too much stock in them.