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Squeeze More Out of Your Customers – Five Easy Ways To Grow Your Online Sales

Five Eays Ways To Grow Your Online Sales

Anyone who sells a product or service online can tell you that over the last few years, if you aren’t laser focused in your SEO strategy and execution, that is is nigh impossible to compete for top organic placement in the search engines. Because of this, it is more important than ever to build some […]

SEO for eCommerce Part Two: Poor Site Structure

You have been waiting for it all summer and now it is finally here! My follow up post to SEO for eCommerce Part One: Content Woes. Before I go into details on the next biggest problem with eCommerce sites and search indexing, I will take a few minutes to reply to some of the questions […]

SEO for eCommerce Part One: Content Woes

ECommerce website optimization and search engine optimization strategies are very similar to other types of websites. However, there are some common mistakes that prevent eCommerce sites from achieving top search engine rankings for their targeted search terms. The focus of my next few blog posts will be on these common mistakes starting with the biggest […]