How to Build a Website with SEO in Mind

To make sure your site is built for the search engines, be sure to balance these elements in your Web design. URL Structure: Don’t bother using page IDs for your URLs. Changing your URLs to a worded structure will not only help with SEO, but it will also help your users know what the page […]

Merging Flash with SEO


2008 was a bright year for Flash as Google and Adobe teamed up to provide flash indexing techniques for better search results. However, two years later and SEOs are still struggling to rank Flash sites high in search engines. Granted, we have lots of proof that search engines do index Flash text, images, and links. But […]

Is Trump Tower Philadelphia SEO Friendly?

Today I would like to look at SEO in the eyes of a web designer. Before becoming a full-time SEO specialist I studied web design and worked on designing professional websites. Since those days, and after many years of experience with search engine optimization, I find myself looking at websites from an SEO point of […]