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Google AdWords Adds Ad Extensions Tab

On Friday afternoon, the Google AdWords blog annouced an ad extensions tab as an option for PPC campaign managers to view on those campaigns running ad extensions. For those who don’t know, ad extensions are features that can be added to your AdWords ads. Some of these include Ad Sitelinks, Product Extensions, Video Extensions, Location […]

Google Announces Mobile AdWords Management Now Available to Everyone

Video thumbnail for youtube video Google Announces Mobile AdWords Management Now Available to Everyone - SEO.com

Last Friday afternoon, Google announced that its AdWords for mobile is now fully available. This is big news for those individuals and agencies managing PPC accounts. This brand new mobile interface is only available on Android, iPhone, and Palm Pre devices. For Blackberry users, I guess we will just have to wait. For some reason […]

‘Google Advertising Professionals’ Changed to ‘Google AdWords Certification’

Google announced today that they are making some pretty big changes to the Google Advertising Professionals program. One of the biggest is a change in name. In early 2004, Google launched “Google Advertising Professionals Program.” As of today, it will be known by the “Google AdWords Certification Program.” This change will offer more training materials, […]