Say What? Keyword Density, Frequency, Prominence, & Proximity?

On site optimization is an important factor affecting search engine rankings. It involves all of the changes and tweaks made to the code and content of a website, and tells Google exactly what the site is about. This sounds like a no brainer, huh? Just a simple tweak here and there, and your site is […]

Optimizing for Navigational Searches

People search for many different reasons. These myriad reasons can be broken down into a few wide segments, informational, transactional, and navigational searches. There are millions of searches when people simply need information, but often even informational searches are just the early stages of the purchasing process. It is important to understand the different ways […]

Basics of Search Engine Optimization

Having been in this industry for many years now I have learned that the internet marketing industry is always changing and it is virtually impossible to know everything about search engine optimization (SEO). Technology is always advancing, search engines are always updating their algorithms and an SEO specialist has to constantly being studying to stay […]