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5 Step Guide To Set Up Your Content Marketing Strategy in 2013

5 Step Guide To Set up Your Content Marketing Strategy in 2013

The online marketing world is undergoing a pretty big shift, one that was initiated a few years ago but kicked into high gear in 2012. It’s a content revolution that marketers and writers like me are simultaneously thrilled and scared about. We’re in the middle of a content marketing renaissance (if I can call it […]

Four Tips to Effectively Manage Data in an SEO World

(Evan Kramer is a guest blogger for He has successfully launched consumer websites,,,, and He writes his own blog, The Chief Internet Officer. He currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia with his wife and daughter. If you are also interested in guest blogging opportunities, e-mail marketing @ Guest […]

Use All the Tails in Your Search Marketing Strategy

I’ve been hearing a lot over the last year or so about long tail searches and all that. So today I wanted to talk briefly about why the long tail is important, but also why it should only be part of your overall search marketing strategy. Understanding the Keyword Cycle Let’s briefly discuss what head […]