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The State of SEO: The Experts Weigh In – Part III

The state of seo the experts weigh in part 3

In this 3-part blog series about the state of SEO, I set out to depict what real SEO is. What strategies and aspects of SEO are important to your overall inbound strategy? Which tactics are outdated? How has SEO changed? And lastly, what will continue to be more important as the state of SEO evolves? […]

How To Boost Your Traffic With Pinnable Images

How To Boost Your Traffic With Pinnable Images

Pinterest is a great way to drive an insane amount of traffic to your website, but the key is making images on your website “pin-worthy”. While there’s no shame in pinning your own images, the real cherry on the top will be having your visitors pin the images onto their own boards. Before you add […]

SEO Tips for 2013: Author Rank, Co-occurrence and More

SEO Tips for 2013

2012 has been a volatile year for the search engine optimization industry. Google released a number of algorithm updates, including the Exact Match Domain (EMD) update, 13 Panda updates, changes to actual search results pages, unnatural link warnings through Google Webmaster Tools, the Knowledge Graph, and the list goes on. If the past is any […]

Can SEO Help Remove Negative Listings From The Search Engines? [Video FAQ]

Can SEO Help Remove Negative Listings From The Search Engines

Hi, my name is Stephanie Sampson (Christensen – I got married!)  and today I will be answering the common SEO question: Can SEO help remove negative listings from the search engines? Yes, SEO can assist in removing negative listings from search engines. Search engines are intentionally unbiased when they rank websites. Their main goal is […]

Build Natural Links Through Existing Marketing Strategies – Part 1

Build Natural Links Through Existing Marketing Strategies - Part 1

Link building strategies are a part of any successful search engine optimization marketing campaign. With Goggle’s newest algorithm update, it’s more important than ever to go after natural links which can help drive traffic to your site and improve your rankings in the search engines. Natural links are gained when people find your website, product or […]

Situation-Specific Link Building Strategies for a Solid SEO Campaign

If you don’t have a solid link building strategy guiding your SEO campaign, you might fall short of your goals because of mediocre results. There is no “one size fits all” link building campaign, despite what you may find with other illegitimate ‘SEO firms’. A true link building strategy needs to be custom to provide optimal […]

Are You Asking The Right SEO Questions? Part 1


The questions you ask affect the answers you get. Simply wording your questions differently with clarity and insight can change their purpose. Are you asking the right SEO questions? Have you lost sight of what is really important in your SEO? The following “Question Graphic” asks direct questions about important characteristics of search engine optimization. […]

This Week in "Commonly Asked Search Marketing Questions"

Hey followers. This week we are launching the “Commonly Asked Search Marketing Questions” web series, featuring answers to some questions about basic SEO fundamentals. There are certain concepts of search engine optimization that will likely always remain a ranking factor. Whether you are a new or seasoned SEO professional, it may be nice to […]