A Match Made in Heaven: CSS & SEO

Believe it or not, CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) can make a tremendous difference to your website’s search engine rankings. Simply put, CSS simplifies the code on your website, making it more readable or “indexable” by search engine spiders. One example of “un-indexable” code is your site’s images. Search engine spiders are pretty smart, however, they […]

The Best April Fools Jokes Ever

I usually get into the office earlier than a lot of people, which gave me ample opportunity today to turn my devious mind to the task of making some people’s April Fool’s day into a memorable occasion. First, I recruited some of the other early risers and we put clear tape over all the optical […]

Search Engine Optimization Firm SEO.com Grows During Downturn

SEO.com, a search marketing firm, displays incredible growth and stability during the down economy, growing the company by over 300 percent in the last year. Most recently, SEO.com added Tamra Hamblin, Scott Cowley, and Greg Shuey to its team of SEO Specialists. Provo, UT — Despite the current trends of downsizing and lay-offs, SEO.com has […]

Title Tag SEO Tips

Looking for a quick fix that will improve your rankings? Take a look at your title tags. A title tag is the line of text that is normally displayed at the top of the browser window.  Title tags are arguably the most important SEO tags for any site. For most search engines, the maximum length […]

Don’t Deceive Your Users

Last month I posted a brief guide of “The 5 Don’ts of SEO” listing suggestions of things not to do when designing a website. These guidelines include a few of the common “Don’ts” and suggestions from Google to help you keep your site compliant with search engines’ webmaster guidelines. I wanted to expand a little […]

Is Your Content Link-Thirsty?

Lets face it. Link building is drab work. It’s the kind of work most of us like to hand off to the”‘next guy.” Nevertheless, I firmly advocate its role in Search Engine Optimization. Google’s key indicator of the “good,” “better,” and “best” websites depends on number of backlinks, and where those links are coming from. […]

SEO – The Recession-Proof Investment

With the current tough times in the market, keeping your business “out of the red” takes smart, informed financial decisions. For example, many items these days are marked down in an effort to move them quicker during the recession, which makes now a great time to stock up your inventory at a cheap price. Another […]

Five Areas to Describe SEO

When you work for an SEO firm, you begin to expect a confused look when you tell someone that you are an “SEO Specialist.”  Often, a simple and short answer is better than taking them down a path of SEO detail.  So here are five brief areas that I mention as I try to explain […]