Senator says Zuckerberg 'No. 1 attraction in the whole high tech world'

SEO.com caught up with Sen. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, backstage before he was scheduled to meet with Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg Friday morning. The senator offered some insight into the social-networking mogul’s psyche. “He’s very shy,” Hatch said. “But when he starts talking about the Internet and social networking he comes alive.” The stage was set […]

Is Utah a Hub for the Best SEO Companies?

I was discussing webinars with the SEO team today, when Boyd Norwood, the Director of SEO, interrupted the discussion and asked me if I had seen the latest copy of Website Magazine. He opened up to page 16, which showed the results of the Top 50 Search Engine Optimization Agencies. Website magazine writes, “In the […]

How and Why a Small Business Should Take up Content Marketing!

Why Content Marketing Businessses have now entered a phase where Google is just a game of luck to them. Businesses are burn’t out of all the algorithm updates and they’re just focused on PPC for the time being. We here it often here at SEO.com. We understand that it’s really difficult to understand the updated […]