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Mozcon 2012 Recap – High ROI Content Strategies For SEO

Mozcon 2012 Recap - High ROI Content Strategies for SEO by Cyrus Shepard

Cyrus Shepard – High ROI Content Strategies – @cyrusshepard Good morning from Day Two of Mozcon 2012.  After a killer API/Tools presentation by Richard Baxter, Cyrus Shepard impressed the crowd with a great presentation on High ROI Content Strategies.  Here are some notes and highlights from his presentation: Past, Present & Future Cyrus started off […]

How to Keep Your SEO Well Groomed

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You may or may not have seen our recent post about the nose hair waxing event at Yes it is just as painful as it looks on the video. And yes that is my wife doing the torture. Which leads perfectly into our subject at hand: How well groomed is your website? While “man-scaping” […]

How to Build a Website with SEO in Mind

To make sure your site is built for the search engines, be sure to balance these elements in your Web design. URL Structure: Don’t bother using page IDs for your URLs. Changing your URLs to a worded structure will not only help with SEO, but it will also help your users know what the page […]

7 Steps to Writing Good SEO Website Copy that Humans Will Read

Today, there are really two purposes of website content: *To communicate with search engines *To communicate with website visitors The problem is, search engines and site visitors speak different languages. And that right there is the paradox. If you write it solely for the search engines, you may get better rankings but visitors will bounce […]