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utah real estate case study

The Challenge

UtahRealEstate.com provides the most complete and current property information to residents and future residents of the state of Utah.

The real estate industry is extremely competitive, and UtahRealEstate.com was facing a number of challenges: The website was old and out-of-date. The website was not user friendly and was not effectively utilizing their city search functions. There were several keyword opportunities they were not targeting

The Solution

We advised and consulted on the new website launch, provided keyword research to uncover several new opportunities, consulted on new page creation based on keyword research, and provided link building services.

We also helped them launch the UtahRealEstate.com Blog so they could constantly add fresh content to the site each week and started the link building efforts.



The Results

Targeted Keywords Improved Positions


Traffic Increase


Increase in Organic Traffic


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