Ultimate Makeover FAQs

Will I really get $60,000 worth of services?

The $60,000 figure is based upon a six-month Internet marketing contract at a total of more than 300 hours of consulting, plus additional promotional and advertising, media placement services. SEO.com will provide a wide array of Internet marketing services from search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising and search marketing to website redesign and public relations. $60,000 is an estimate of the value of the services to be provided. SEO.com’s services will actually be equal to or more than the advertised value.

When would the contract start?

As soon as possible after the winner is announced

Why is SEO.com sponsoring this contest?

SEO.com genuinely wants to give back to the business community and help an organization recover from the difficult economy. With the Ultimate Makeover, we can utilize our strengths to provide a helping hand.

What services will this include?

Each company and organization is different, and may have various needs. But, in general, we will provide the gamut of Internet marketing services. Some of those will include web design, search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising (PPC), link building, writing and distribution of press releases, copywriting, local search optimization, social media optimization, website analytics and blog marketing.

Who Qualifies?

Any type of organization is encouraged to fill out an online application. We will only select one as a winner, however.

Who has the best chance of winning? How are you selecting the winner?

We are looking for a company that offers a great product or service, but is struggling because of the current economic climate. If you provide a quality product or service, if you’ve been negatively affected by the recession, and you have good potential to succeed with online marketing services, you’ll likely have a good chance. We want to give a quality organization a great chance to be successful. We believe if we find the right company, we will be able to build a foundation to help that business or organization flourish for years to come.

How will these services help me?

These services will bring great exposure and a powerful online presence. We will help the winning organization rise in the search engines, get exposure through press releases, and create a user- and a search-friendly website. Basically we will help bring more customers to your website, and help to convert more of those visitors into sales.

Do I have to live in the United States? Can my site be in a different language?

If you are based on the planet Earth, then you qualify for this contest. We currently are bringing excellent results for international clients.

What’s the catch? Is there an obligation to continue after the contract expires?

Honestly, there is no catch. We will give you six months of marketing services for free. Afterwards, you can choose to stay with us or move on to something else – no strings attached.

When/How will the winner be announced?

We will accept submissions until Oct. 31, 2009 (Halloween). We will contact the winner shortly after and announce the winner in an upcoming press release.

How do I submit my organization, business or company for consideration?

Fill out the form here

Do you offer services not included in the prize?

We will mold our services to what the winning company needs. Our specialty is in Internet marketing, however, so we will do what we can to best promote your organization along those lines, i.e. we probably won’t do any carpentry work for your office.

Are you guaranteeing search engine rankings?

No. We never guarantee any search engine rankings, although we do have a proven track record. We are providing this free service because we know that we are good at what we do.

Can I submit my business more than once?

Please don’t. This isn’t a drawing so the numbers of submissions won’t matter. We will be analyzing each business and will chose the one that’s most deserving and has the best potential to succeed.

What if I want to split the $60,000 between more than one company, organization or website?

If you have more than one business, and you’d like us to help both at the same time, please explain in the 500-word essay portion of the submission form. If you win, we’ll work with you to provide the best results for you. If that means working on two websites, then that is what we’ll do.