7 PPC Advantages to the Yahoo/Bing Merger

It’s been a little more than a year since the Yahoo/Bing merger was announced, and a couple months ago, Yahoo began testing Bing search results. A lot of talk has been made about how this will influence organic search, but what about paid search? This deal could be an instant boom for those doing PPC. Following are 7 possible advantages:

1. Market Share Gets Instant Boost

Yahoo and Bing reach more than 154 million searchers. This equates to a volume of 4.4 billion monthly searches and a 28.6% search share in the U.S.

The expanded market place will improve scale of reach. Previously, volume was an issue with both Yahoo and Bing. With their combined forces it does add a certain appeal since the opportunity for volume is greatly improved.

2. Harmony Between Yahoo/Bing

Rather than competing with each other, they will now join forces. Together they can both take aim at their more handsome brother, Google. This unified focus should help move the meter on increased market share.

3. One Login

I think we are all looking forward to having all data in one login. Managing both Yahoo & Bing via one platform should boost efficiency and performance. This will cut down on the time it takes to toggle between both engines. It should allow for more opportunity for data analysis and optimization improvements.

4. Innovation

Now that the minds from Yahoo and Microsoft have been brought together, we expect new cutting edge ideas and strategies. (At least, I hope this is the case) Personally, I’m hoping this merger succeeds. At the moment, Google is still the 700 lb gorilla. We all know that.

This will always be the case until Yahoo and Bing give people a reason to choose them over Google. I highly doubt Google executives are losing any sleep over this merger. But if this merger does accomplish what is hoped for it will at least force Google to step it up even more. This will be good for all of us.

5. Simplified Reporting

I will admit that I actually liked the Yahoo reporting. The good news is, Bing still provides adequate reporting necessary for effective optimizations. While the Bing reporting interface is much different compared to Yahoo, I have found the reporting in Bing to be just as effective. All it really takes is to get into the reporting center and get your hands dirty.

6. Standard and Advanced Match Dies

I was never crazy about Yahoo matching. We always had a fun time explaining just how Standard and Advanced matching truly works to clients. It almost felt like a gray area. Fortunately, Bing already uses Broad, Phrase, and Exact match. I certainly prefer these match types. They open the door for additional keyword iterations and traffic opportunities. These match types also help filter out unwanted clicks and can improve account efficiency.

7. Microsoft AdCenter Desktop Tool

In case you haven’t heard of this, its Microsoft’s version of the AdWords Editor. This tool actually works quite well. I have been using this tool for about three months. It has saved our PPC team a large amount of hours. It’s a good thing Microsoft got this tool working prior to the launch. Yahoo has a desk top tool. I used this one for a short time and always had trouble with it. I’m sure the focus was shifted to the Microsoft tool. Fortunately it appears to have paid off.

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  1. Brent Rangen - OG says

    So much nicer being able to select content/search networks of each with just one click.

    Personally, I feel bad for anyone use relies on the Adcenter interface as there are good alternative options out there (like search manger) that alleviate the headaches of checking each search query report..

    Another PLUS is the keyword add-on for excel. You can find it in the “tools” section in your adcenter account. Even though it is buggy it does provide accurate estimates. I know it isn’t new but it was hidden under a rock until the recent merger. I just heard about it for the first time at SES San Fran.

  2. Justin says

    Really Todd? You are the only person who I know that uses that application and doesn’t have an issue with it. It has crashed several computers in my office and my personal computer at home. If Microsoft wants to compete with Google it need to do a lot more than merge with Yahoo. It needs to create a tool that works, doesn’t freeze and can take spreadsheets with more than 25 rows to it.

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