2016 Digital Marketing Trends

Trends for 2016 Digital Marketing

2016 Digital Marketing Trends With a new year comes new trends. Trends such as, who knew that millions of “Belieber” fans were right, hotels are adding “Mini Fashion Bars” in rooms where guests can choose curated fashion items to wear, and many stores are going to upset the shopping masses this Christmas by closing on […]

Link Building Strategies for 2016


The end of this year should see Google rolling out its new Penguin update, which is said to include some real-time elements that could significantly change the game for link building strategies in 2016. A lot of the conversation around link building often starts with a phrase like: “Remember how easy link building used to […]

Does Grammar Matter in Content Marketing?

How Much Does Grammar Matter

Let’s face it, the internet is a massive part of our culture. Because of this, we see our fair share of grammatical errors across the web. Are you the one confusing “than” and “then?” The truth is, Grammar can be tricky–mistakes happen, but how much does grammar actually matter to readers and search engines? According […]

7 Tips for Social Media Optimization

Social Media Optimization Tips

SMO (Social Media Optimization) is an important factor in your internet search rankings. This strategy is often overlooked by many companies, even though it can help increase your position within the search rankings. In social media, there are two important search engines you have to optimize for: The search function within each social network Google […]

One Simple Tip To Boost Your PPC Performance Using Google AdWords Remarketing

One Simple Tip To Boost Your PPC Peformance

One of the most profitable, highest-converting campaigns you can make in your Adwords account is a remarketing campaign. The concept of remarketing campaigns is simple: everyone who visits your website and doesn’t convert is added to what’s called a “remarketing audience.” As they navigate around the web on other sites, they will continue to see […]

Content Vs. Analytics

word clouds content analytics

By Zach Trujillo What is content? It’s more than word delivery, it’s telling your story to potential customers in interesting and relatable ways that motivate them to convert. So how do you create content that successfully relates to and encourages your potential customers to act? Lee Odden, TopRank Marketing CEO, has stressed the importance for […]

Google+ Changes

Image to pair with Google Plus Changes for Your Business

Google+ Changes: What it means for your business Google+ is like Tupac Shakur–alive or dead? Who knows? Speculation continues to grow about what will happen with Google Plus. The recent changes with Google+ has businesses questioning how they should approach social media, and wondering, “How will this affect my social media marketing strategy?” Google Announcement […]

Lee Odden Keynote: Be the Best Answer – SLC|SEM Digital Marketing Conference 2015

Lee Oden Keynote

The final keynote of the day was by the CEO of TopRank marketing, Lee Odden. The title was The Strategic Role of Content, Social & SEO in Integrated Marketing, which really boiled down to “being the best answer” for your customers, wherever they’re asking questions. He said it’s important to know why they search in […]