Email Marketing Results Hour By Hour [Infographic]

Email Marketing Results Hour By Hour

Do You Know The Best Time To Send Emails To Get The Best Response?

How about click throughs and engagement?

While reading a bunch of  different posts all over the web yesterday, I landed on MarketingProfs (one of my favorite sites for great marketing content) . They had embedded a great Infographic from GetResponse that I thought would be good to share with you covering email marketing results, based on open rates by time after delivery.

A lot of people think, in this new world of social media, that email marking is dying. Personally, and I think a lot would agree, that email marketing is thriving now more than ever, and works as a very nice compliment to social media. As far as internet marketing goes… the two things you own outright are your website and content, and your email database. While having a lot of followers on various social media sites is awesome and all… a killer segmented email distribution list is even better, and you own it!

As GetResponse mentions here on their original post, there are many factors that go into optimizing your email campaign, but timing is one of the most important factors.

Key Takeaways

  • 23.63 of all email opens occur within the first hour of delivery. Second, third and fourth hours have a significant drop
  • The best times to have your message read is when people are reviewing their inbox, and those best times are morning and early afternoon
  • Be sure to segment your audience, and take into consideration time-zones

Obviously, you will have to test the information below against your own metrics, but this is a great place to get you started, or to re-think your overall email marketing strategy.

email marketing results hour by hour

What did you think of this Infographic and the data? Does it help give you some ideas that you may have not thought of? Would love to hear from you in the comments below.

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  1. Peter says

    Thank you Darin for your article,

    Your time structured email marketing article has made me think again about how we set up E marketing campaigns. Do you believe that the sort of product or service you are trying to promote has a bearing on when you send the Email i.e is it better to send services in the morning and products at night or vice versa? Or in your opinion does it make no difference?
     Your thoughts on this would be appreciated.

    • iGoByDoc says

      Hi Peter, Thanks for the comment and question.

      At the end of the day, I think you need to test everything… so I would pick times based on your audience. Is your audience working professionals or stay at home moms? Know what I mean? But, the general advice given in this infographic is a pretty good place start.

      One thing I have done in the past is to sign up for other company newsletters/emails. Although my inbox gets full fast, I like to see how the big companies send out information and times of day. Most likely they have spent a decent amount of time and research, so mimicking what they do is also one way to do it.

      But like I say, while the infographic is a good place to start, always measure results for your business, ,and tweak as you go.

      As for a service vs. product, I really do not think there is a difference in open rates. As long as you are emailing opted-in people with helpful information, and the information they choose to get from you… you are good.

      Thanks again for the question.


  2. Martin Ramirez says

    Awesome share. I have been working on finding the best time to send out my weekly newsletter and this definitely helps. I will try to send it out around 9am and test to see what the open rates are.

    • iGoByDoc says

      Thanks for the comment Martin… glad you enjoyed the post. Be sure to think about segmenting. At’s always 9am somewhere. =)

    • iGoByDoc says

      Agreed… maybe GetResponse or another email marketing company will shed some light on that.

      However, you should be able to test it out on your end with analytics.

      Thanks for the comment!


  3. Kyle says

    Interesting graphic. I wonder if there’s any email marketing software that efficiently separates your list into timezones and allows you to send it at different times per timezone… Ie. 7:00am in every single timezone.

    • iGoByDoc says

      Hi Kyle, that is a very good question. Not sure if there is anything like that out there. However, on your lead gen forms, you can simply ask what state they are from and segment the data that way.


  4. says

    although we in Denmark run with a different time zone, I could use your post. and a cool infographics you have made, who made ​​it for you? I am looking for a supplier :)

    • iGoByDoc says

      Hi Kim, we did not develop this infographic. However we do create them. Let me know if you have any questions.

      • Kim Tetzlaff says

        You are welcome to send me some examples of what you have done and possibly a price for what they cost to my email.

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