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When you work for an SEO firm, you begin to expect a confused look when you tell someone that you are an “SEO Specialist.” Often, a simple and short answer is better than taking them down a path of SEO detail. So here are five brief areas that I mention as I try to explain SEO to those who think SEO could stand for anything from “Scrapbooking Essentials Outlet” to “Staples & Envelope Organizers.”

SEO is Technical – Although SEO isn’t as technical as building a satellite for a mission to Mars, there are many technical aspects. There two basic things you need to help them understand. First, how a search engine works, and second, the basics of web design.

SEO is Intelligent – SEO becomes a way of thinking. If you get stuck in your old ways, wanting to continue to use the SEO tactics of the yesteryear, you better get comfortable on the third page because you’re never moving up in the rankings. No two SEO projects are identical, and as Google continues to adapt their algorithms SEO firms must also adapt quickly and accordingly.

SEO is Essential – Gone are the days for getting traffic just because you have a “cool” website. There are so many “cool” websites out there, that one must do more to gain the traffic they want. SEO is just that. We take your “cool” website, and put it in a place where people can find it. It doesn’t matter how impressive your site is if no one is going to it.

SEO is Fun – SEO isn’t just busy work. You have to be creative in your optimization and think outside the box. There are so many areas of focus, that there is always something new to learn or discover. Yes, you have to have a techie side as well, but SEO is definitely something that fosters new ideas and creativity.

SEO is Power – Watching a site go from page 23 to the top rankings is pretty cool! SEO has a remarkable and a reliable marketing power to increase your site’s traffic and conversion rate. Let’s face it, something that has the power to double, triple or even quadruple your sales is pretty powerful.