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Google Search and the State of the Union


As President Obama delivered his annual State of the Union address Wednesday evening, Google was simultaneously tracking search queries, and they released their findings on the Google Politics Google+ page.

Here are some of the trends:

The top four rising search terms during the State of the Union:

  1. "green ribbon meaning"
  2. "John Boehner"
  3. "Speaker of the House"
  4. "Joe Biden"

Top Rising Search Terms during State of the Union

The top four related search terms with State of the Union:

  1. "green ribbon"
  2. "live"
  3. "Obama"
  4. "how long is"

Various Republicans and Democrats attending the address wore green ribbons on their lapels to honor the 26 students and staff members of Sandy Hook Elementary School, who were killed in December's shooting in Newtown, Conn. "Green ribbon" was the most popular query on Google during the speech.

Top 4 Related Search Terms with State of the Union

The top four related search terms with Obama:

  1. "State of the Union"
  2. "speech"
  3. "Obamacare"
  4. "How old is"

Top 4 Related Search Terms with Obama

Search interest during the State of the Union:

Google started measuring search interest at 9 p.m. ET, and when President Obama officially began his speech around 9:15 p.m., Google says search interest spiked to the highest point of the evening. Search interest spiked again around the last 20 minutes of the speech.

Search Interest in the State of the Union Address

Featured image credit: Kathrin Tausch

How did you watch the address? Did you "second-screen" the speech with social media or a search engine?

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