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In Matt Cutts’ keynote at PubCon in Austin, he announced the Friend Connect API. This means is that we will now able to integrate Friend Connect within blogs, forums, content management systems, essentially any site. This change will allow you to add a plugin to WordPress or whatever platform you are using and visitors can post comments under their Friend Connect ID. This will allow people to login with their accounts from Google, Yahoo, OpenID, and serveral other widely-used accounts.

A few Googlers have already created proof-of-concept plugins for WordPress, Drupal, and phpBB. They will be available on code.google.com later today. I’m sure many more will be developed very soon. Matt mentioned that these were these guys’ first plugins, so pros will likely put out ones that are better, and I’m sure we’ll see them for all kinds of different blog/cms/forum/etc platforms very soon.

The primary benefits of this new API is that you will be likely to get more comments and more contributions from visitors because people can use an existing account. Hopefully we’ll get fewer spam comments. At the very least, it will be easier to sift through the comments from real people and spammers. Also, if people know their real name and picture will show up next to their comment, they should be more polite in what they say.

More info will be posted on official Google blogs within the next hour or two.

Keep an eye on these:


Update: here’s the official announcement

of course, Joost already has a wordpress plugin for it