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Editor’s note: This blog was updated on 1/20/2022 to reflect ongoing interest in the subject and the current state of the industry.

How many times has your boss said: “Why aren’t we on the first page of Google?” or “Why can’t my daughter find us on Facebook?”

Well Mr. Boss-man, let’s evaluate our online marketing strategy…

Oh yeah. We don’t have one.

It turns out that randomly updating your Facebook page when the mood strikes you doesn’t qualify as an effective digital marketing strategy, but this isn’t something that a lot of decision makers won’t (or don’t want to) hear.

Instead, they prefer to throw thousands of marketing dollars into creating a fancy-looking website.

The thing is, people need to be able find your website. It won’t matter how fancy the website is if it isn’t generating any traffic (except maybe from you and your co-workers in the office).

While this might seem obvious to you, selling the benefits of SEO or SEM services to your boss or the company higher-ups can still be a challenge. So, we have come up with 5 simple steps that will help you convince your boss you need SEO services, at least get the conversation going.

Here are 5 easy steps to help convince your boss that SEO services are worth it:

  1. Show Graphs, Numbers, Charts and Visuals

Your boss may have heard a lot of misinformation about SEO, so you may need to sit down with him or her and produce some quantifiable numbers and effective graphs to show why spending money on an SEO campaign can and will be effective.

Visuals are important. Numbers alone may not be enough to generate the enthusiasm you need to secure an effective marketing budget. You could put together a presentation that walks them through the process and the potential benefits, you could share some important infographics, or use a video if that seems more efficient.

The most important information to cover in these graphs and visuals is the website history and the projections of how much better you could do when you reach the top of the search engines.

  1. Explain How the Competition Is Already Using SEO Strategies

Why are those jerks outperforming us? Why are they showing up on the first page search results, and you can’t even find us?

Chances are you’ve heard your boss say something like this in the past, too.

The answer is simple: they have an SEO strategy and we don’t.

SEO results don’t come overnight. In fact, it will most likely to take months, and in many cases up to one year to see the kind of results you really want.

This, more than anything else, makes SEO a tough sell. Your boss wants immediate results. They don’t want to have to wait up to a year to start seeing a return on their investments.

You could point out that there are plenty of small victories along this road that make the journey with it, but if they don’t want to hear that, either, then you have to double down on how the competition is taking advantage of your inactivity and climbing the search engine results and making it even harder for you to mount a last-minute comeback.

Most bosses don’t want to wait, but they want to let the competition get ahead even less.

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  1. Compare Search Engine Marketing to “Traditional” Marketing

When I was a kid, I recall watching TV and wondering who came up with all these horrible tv commercials. The so-called “traditional” forms of media still do have a place in today’s marketing world, but far more consumers are buying and searching for things online.

Holiday shopping sees new highs in online revenue every year. People are fleeing traditional television in droves and switching to commercial-free streaming services. On top of all that, more and more consumers spend as much time on mobile apps as they do any other form of entertainment or distraction.

What this means is that the marketing environment has changed – and it’s never going to be the same again.

Your boss needs to understand that stubborn adherence to the way they’ve “always done things” isn’t going to carry the business forward.

  1. Make Your Point with Your Current Analytics (If You Have Any)

Let’s hope you have access to your website’s analytics reports, such as Google Analytics, so you can show your boss exactly how much time visitors are spending on the site. You can also show the pages of your website where people drop off unengaged.

This is a simple way to show how content revisions, design updates, and better calls-to-action can entice those visitors to convert rather than bounce. Each visitor that leaves the site is a lost customer, and showing this fact to your boss is going to be one of the most convincing arguments for SEO services.

  1. Use Free Tools to Keep Initial Investments Low

There are some really handy and free tools that you can use to get started and show your boss that you can start getting results.

  • Google Ads Keyword Planner– This is an effective way to discover new keywords, find their search volume, and more. A lot of your foundational work can be done with this tool.
  • Bing Webmaster Tools– Bing may be the little guy with a much lower share of the search engine market than Google, but these tools provide important insights into your online marketing performance.

Don’t let your company fall behind the competition because your boss doesn’t believe in the value of SEO. These simple steps can help you explain how important an online presence is, so you’re not the only company stuck without a strategic marketing campaign.

And, on a final note, if the boss simply doesn’t think they have the resources to handle all the necessary elements of a strong campaign in-house, you can always recommend the services of an SEO company like SEO.com.