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The message of this post and the meaning of the title is actual two-fold: how your small business can benefit from giving webinars and how it can benefit from participating in or listening to webinars. I hope to touch on both and ultimately persuade you to start utilizing webinars to increase and improve your small business.

If You Give, You Shall Receive

My Blog PostSeveral inspiring quotes, including ones from a little book called The Bible, will tell you that “If you give, you shall receive.” I think that also applies heavily with webinars. Anyone who has ever hosted a webinar will tell you that it has a huge potential to increase traffic and generate new business leads. What small business owner wouldn’t want that?

That same concept also applies when teaching in the webinar. Teachers say that they always learn more than the students because all the preparation and study they go through to plan the webinar forces them to discover new things. So, even if you don’t know as much about the webinar subject as you’d like, plan on having one anyway and you may be surprised at what you learn along the way.

So, we’ve already learned that giving webinars can increase traffic, generate new leads, AND help you learn more about your niche. So, why are you still reading this article? That should be enough to convince to you get started on a webinar right now. Not convinced?

Save Time and Money

IF you are still reading this then I will continue to provide a few other benefits – the most obvious being that it saves time and money.

  • (FACT) In the business world today if you can find a way to be more productive in less amount of time then you will have greater success.
  • (FACT) Everyone wishes they had more time.
  • (DOUBLE FACT) Everyone wishes they had more money.

A webinar is the easiest and most effective way to communicate with your audience. Sure, a well written article can do some good as well, but to have someone talk through issues and walk through processes with you is the best way to learn and understand. Plus, you can still turn the webinar’s content into an actual article allowing you to get some SEO benefit as well (Time saver? I think so!).
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Customers are also able to retain more information and better understand the message when it is delivered in person. So, by getting your message across clearly and efficiently, you will save time and energy while giving your customers a better impression of you and your brand. This will lead to more money being made and more money being saved. (WHOOP THERE IT IS!) Seriously, why are you still reading this article? You should be planning your next webinar right now.

Are You Considered an Expert?

Webinars can have such an impact on your brand and reputation that people will begin to consider you an expert in your industry. I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t want to buy a product or do business with an owner that isn’t an expert in their specific industry. And believe me there are a lot of non-experts out there.

A webinar could be exactly what you need to expand your reach and brand yourself an expert in your field. Having a webinar does not automatically make you an expert, but with the right preparation and mindset, you will get a lot closer. Having the unseen-unofficial title associated with your brand and name is priceless, and it can put you a step ahead of your competition.

So let’s do other quick summary of what we have learned. Webinars will:

  • increase business
  • increase traffic
  • generate more leads
  • increase customer product knowledge
  • brand yourself an expert in your field
  • AND save you time and money

I’m going to stop typing so you will stop reading and get out there and listen to more webinars and start creating your own.

Obviously this article was not about HOW to give the best webinar or WHAT tools to use to create one, but I have several suggestions on each of those subjects and would be happy to share if you want. Maybe I’ll make a webinar out of it. What benefits did I miss that you can think of?