What is a Social Bookmarking Site? [Video FAQ Series]

Social bookmarking is a way for people to tag, share, organize, store, and search for useful links online. Instead of saving sites as bookmarks or favorites in your browser, you compile them online into a website you can reach from any computer. These bookmarks reference noteworthy links and can be private, public, or shared within a specified group.

Bookmarks are tagged for ease of search; for instance, you can tag a recipe site with “food,” and bookmarks set to public can be searched by other readers. Once a site is bookmarked, the item can be voted upon with a like, thumbs up or thumbs down, or other voting criteria. Each different site has a unique community element to it, with nicknames for their users, such as a “Redditor” on Reddit.

Bookmarking can be used as a tool but should never be abused, making the website where the article appeared more visible. Some sites pass on link juice, others use noFollow attribute .Social tagging, also known as folksonomy, is a process by which users add metadata and keywords to shared content. Social bookmarking sites are often a target of spam, which makes tagging a valuable step for weeding through the poor quality content. Social bookmarking sites have helped many lesser known sites become discoverable to a larger audience, particularly when bookmarks are shared on other social media sites.

Depending on the website, you can bookmark articles, news, images, video, or other miscellaneous content. Some of the most popular social bookmarking websites are Delicious, StumbleUpon, Digg, Reddit, Xydo, and Pinterest.

Please don’t abuse social bookmarking. It will not help your marketing plan if it’s abused. On some channels it can be a good tool to promote content, but that’s about it.

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    • Nicole Bullock says

      Thanks, it's a helpful SEO tool. I've had some great success promoting through social bookmarking sites, especially StumbleUpon. We've had some views of infographics go through the roof with SU. One thing that makes or breaks the bookmarking share is if it has a good thumbnail image, which unfortunately cannot be edited by the bookmarking user.

  1. Rand Sant says

    Thank you for sharing this great information on social bookmarking, I found it very useful. I like to know about the news in seo, especially how to linkbuild through social sites. I really do appreciate it though!

  2. Roy Samuels says

    Very nice post, actually social networks including social bookmark sites are playing major role in now a days. I am using digg.com, eggig.com, reddit.com and stumbleupon.com every day to promote my website and they drive me tons of traffice to my site. Anyway thanks for sharing these information.

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