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I usually get into the office earlier than a lot of people, which gave me ample opportunity today to turn my devious mind to the task of making some people’s April Fool’s day into a memorable occasion.

First, I recruited some of the other early risers and we put clear tape over all the optical mice in the office. This just slows the mice down by 90%, and people don’t think it’s their mouse that’s the problem, it’s got to be the computer.

Then, I password protectedone co-worker’s computer, and did a screenshot of his desktop which I set as the background. That’s a standard tradition that we do to him every year.

We also moved everyone’s name plates on their office doors around to different offices. We then swapped some of Dave’s and Nelson’s family pictures between their offices.

Then we started to get creative. Nelson was supposed to be interviewing a chap from Scotland this morning for a full time SEO specialist position. However, Nelson got held up in traffic, so we were charged with ‘keeping him busy’. Since we had switched everyone’s office name plates around, this new hire thought he was interviewing with Dave Bascom (president of SEO.com) and some other high powered executives. He would be in an interview for about 5 minutes and then I would come in and grab him and take him to the next interview. This happened 4 times until Nelson made it into the office.photo

This next one was the best. Be prepared to laugh very hard.

I left a message for one of our account managers as Mr. Behr from Client XYZ, before he got into the office this morning. The particular client I said I was calling from is his biggest account, and so he really wanted to do a good job for Mr. Behr, although he wasn’t sure who that was, he’d never heard of him before. Anyway, I left my number as the main line for the Hogle Zoo in Salt Lake. Here’s the transcript from when he called Hogle Zoo:

Auto Attendant: “Thanks for calling Hogle Zoo. Please listen closely as our menu options have recently changed. For Animal trainers, press 1. For Cleaning Services, press 2. For all other services, press 3.”

Account Manager: “Pressed 3” (thinking to himself, wow, that was a really long auto attendant message. They need to change that.)

Auto Attendant: “Please wait on the line while we connect you to the next available operator”

Account Manager: (thinking to himself: I don’t care how long I have to wait, I’m goin to talk to Mr. Behr, and impress him with my knowledge and skills with nunchucks)

hogle-zooOperator: “Thanks for calling Hogle Zoo, how can I help you?”

Account Manager: “Hi, I’m calling for Mr. Behr, can I speak to him please?”

Operator: “Dude, I think someone played a joke on you. I’m hanging up now”

Well, that sums up what happened today. If you have any funny experience from April fools in the office or at home, leave a comment.