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The Search Engine World Series

85140212ES021_ATLANTA_BRAVEI always look forward to opening day of the Major League Baseball season, and Sunday April 5th, it finally came. The Atlanta Braves traveled to Philadelphia to take on the reigning World Series champs, the Phillies, on their home turf. Feeling confident because of last year’s World Series victory, I’m sure the Phillies expected to take care of the Braves with little to no problem. However, Derek Lowe dominated the mound for Atlanta and pitched eight, that’s right, eight shutout innings against the heavy hitting Phillies. Lowe only gave up two hits through eight innings and ended the night with four strikeouts. When all was said and done, Lowe had kept the Phillies in check and led his team to an opening day road victory and a big time upset.

It will be interesting to see who the dominating pitchers will be as the season moves on. Granted, who the dominating pitcher is this season doesn’t really have much to do with SEO, but it did get me thinking about what search engines are dominating in the so-called "Search Engine World Series." So, I started doing a little research. My question: “Who is the top search engine in the top internet-providing markets across the world?”

Here are some things I found in my search for the top search engines (information found from cia.gov):

Number of internet users by country:

  1. China: 253 million
  2. US: 223 million
  3. Japan: 88.1 million
  4. India: 88 million
  5. Brazil: 50 million
  6. Germany: 42.5 million
  7. UK: 40.2 million
  8. South Korea: 35.5
  9. Italy: 35.5 million
  10. France: 31.2 million

With so many Internet users across the world, here is a quick look at the top four internet-usage countries to show you who is dominating the search engine market share in those countries.

China: Google takes a back seat to Baidu.com, which has the largest market share. Although some say Google.com.cn is still the best search engine in China, Baidu is still used more. China’s search engines generate approximately 19 billion searches per month.

United States: Google dominates the United States market with 72% share, which is phenomenal. Followed by Yahoo, and then MSN/Live. In terms of search volume, the US searches approximately 12 billion times per month on Google, Yahoo, and MSN.

Japan: Yahoo (51% market share) is still the king with over 3 billion searches a month. Google ranks second and in third is www.rakuten.co.jp (2% market share).

India: In the second most populous country, users prefer Google which represents 81% of the market. Yahoo comes in second with 9.4%, followed by Ask (1.9 percent) and MSN (1.7 percent). India’s own Rediff.com ranked fifth with 1.5% market share

More information on search engine market share and volume can be found through comscore.com, HitWise, and Alexa.com.

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TJ Welsh

Written by TJ Welsh

TJ Welsh grew up in Salem, Utah and went to Spanish Fork High School. In 2006 he attended BYU-Hawaii and finished up his Associate degree. He graduated from Utah Valley University in Business Management with an emphasis in marketing in 2009. He was first introduced to online marketing back in 2006 when he sold SEO to real estate agents for 10XMedia. In October of 2008, he joined as an SEO specialist. T.J. was married in June of 2008 to his beautiful wife Brooke and lives in Orem, Utah.

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