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Both consumers and businesses are experiencing huge benefits by focusing on the growing mobile market. In the last five years, local search has increased more than 200%, and a large portion of these users (up to 89% of them) are taking immediate action. More than half of those searches end up contacting the business to learn more, and around 25% will make a purchase.

Both travelers and locals are using mobile search to find restaurants, hotels, local attractions, and more. Many locals capitalize on the daily deals these companies offer, while around 60% of travelers feel that local search results are the most relevant to their needs. It is estimated that by 2015 mobile will be the most common way we do our local searches as smartphone and tablet penetration continues to grow. This trend is changing the way we think about business, and there is a great opportunity to reach new customers.

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    When I’m on vacation, I’m always on my phone looking for activities and food. Even when I’m visiting Las Vegas, Seattle, or one of the other places where I’m overly familiar with my surroundings. I still like turning to search to find out what is new or current. It’s unfortunate that I’m almost always disappointed with the results. In fact, many times I leave the city only to remember something that I wanted to do and should have shown up in my results.

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