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On September 24, our VP of Client Services, Claye Stokes, was invited to participate in Right Intel’s latest webinar to discuss marketing data points that act as “leading indicators” of your eventual successes or challenges. Most companies fail to track these numbers, even though they play an integral part in most content marketing campaigns.

Here’s The Five Points the Webinar Covers:

  1. Social Momentum of Your Website
  2. Social Momentum (External Content)
  3. Competitive Blog Content Strategies
  4. New Links Generated (Monthly)
  5. Site Speed

About The Presenters:

Claye Stokes, VP of Client services. Claye enjoys digital marketing, web development, and spending time outdoors with his family. His experience as a web developer, combined with years of Digital Marketing agency experience has given him the opportunity to impact thousands of marketing campaigns for companies small and large (Fortune 50).

David Malmborg, VP Marketing at Right Intel. David’s current responsibilities have him managing a wide variety of marketing channels for B2B SaaS offerings. He is managing all marketing initiatives and collateral with a focus on lead generation and marketing operations.

What Does It Mean to You?

Do you know how to track these metrics? Do you know how to improve your results based on these numbers?

Check out the replay and discover how you can delve deeper into your content marketing metrics.