Win $1000 Cash! Enter The Mad SEO Scientist Guest Blogging Contest

Are you a Mad SEO Scientist? Are you a blogger? Do you like the smell of $1,000 CASH in your hands? You answered YES right? Well, There is a $1,000 Grand Prize up for grabs, and it has your name all over it! This $1,000 Grand Prize, as well as other non-cash prizes could be yours, (along with the fame and bragging rights).

Here are the details. is a new global social & search community, and they are celebrating the launch of their new site. is thrilled to be one of the contest sponsors!

If you are interested in participating, head over to the contest page for all the official details. There are a bunch of other great non-cash prizes as well, making all the prizes add up to over $2,000. Can you say Booya?

So what are you waiting for Dr. Ivannablog? (Insert mad scientist geeky giggle here) Enter the contest today as the contest ends on March 5th, 2012. The sooner you enter, the more time you will have to promote your post, and get more attention, and possibly earn that $1000 Grand Prize!

Good luck from all of us at

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  1. John Lucifer says

    I think that’s a very superb topic to talk and write about for this posted article. I think that’s a very good deal to earn for this grand prize for everyone for sure. I understand the whole concept of this blogging contest and looking forward for this. Thanks a lot.

  2. Gerald Weber says


    There is actually over $2800.00 in cash.

    and other non cash prizes beyond that.

    I will be writing an update post in the next couple of days that state exactly what each place gets, so stay tuned for that! :-)

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