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The State of SEO: The Experts Weigh In – Part III

The state of seo the experts weigh in part 3

In this 3-part blog series about the state of SEO, I set out to depict what real SEO is. What strategies and aspects of SEO are important to your overall inbound strategy? Which tactics are outdated? How has SEO changed? And lastly, what will continue to be more important as the state of SEO evolves? […]

A Practical Guide To Broken Link Building

A Practical Guide To Broken Link Building

Over the last few months, broken link building has become one of my favorite link building techniques. I credit Russ Jones’s Broken Link Building Bible for adding flames to my broken-link-building fire and for helping me fine-tune my approach. “Broken link building may perhaps be the most effective, white-hat link building strategy in years,” Jones says. “In particular, broken link […]

SEO Tips for 2013: Author Rank, Co-occurrence and More

SEO Tips for 2013

2012 has been a volatile year for the search engine optimization industry. Google released a number of algorithm updates, including the Exact Match Domain (EMD) update, 13 Panda updates, changes to actual search results pages, unnatural link warnings through Google Webmaster Tools, the Knowledge Graph, and the list goes on. If the past is any […]

Mozcon Day 2 Recap: How to Earn Links Without Doing Anything

MozCon Day 2 Recap - How to Earn Links Without Doing Anything Ian Lurie

Greetings from MozCon 2012!  Here’s a brief recap on Ian Lurie’s (@portentint) presentation on how to earn links without doing anything. Wait a minute!  Earn links without doing anything? Sounds great, right? Sitting back and letting the links just roll in sounds too easy, but Ian says it possible, which brings us to, “How?” According to Ian, […]

How Relationships Drive Link Building – MozCon 2012 Recap

Mozcon 2012 Recap - How Relationships Drive Link Building

Greetings from MozCon 2012! A few of us from us the team are attending this year are going to be providing updates and rundowns on some of the great presentations happening throughout the week. Here is a quick synopsis on Jon Henshaw’s presentation on how relationships drive link building. Let’s face it, good link […]

5 Link Building Strategy Essentials

5 Link Building Strategy Essentials

To maintain or begin any link building strategy for your SEO efforts it is essential to keep some things in mind.  Outlined below are some things to consider while you developing a link building strategy that will work for your business and help drive success and maximize reach in your efforts. 1. Have a Plan […]

Build Natural Links Through Existing Marketing Strategies – Part II

Build Natural Links Through Existing Marketing Strategies – Part II

With the newest Google algorithm changes, penalties have been taken on many websites for unnatural and artificial linkbuilding tactics.  This update hit websites that used black hat SEO practices particularly hard, but it also affected many seemingly appropriate linkbuilding strategies. Because of these changes, careful, strategic, and natural linkbuilding is more important than ever. In […]