Your Viral Content Stinks (and How You Can Fix it)

Dive into social media and soon you’ll see the good, the bad and the could’ve-been’s out there. I want to address the latter. So many pieces out there get little attention due to one or two small things that could make a good thing, great. Here are a list of the things I’ve seen make a […] on Verge of Demystifying Foursquare’s ROI Potential to run free Foursquare campaigns for qualified businesses to profile in a Foursquare ROI case study. The study will determine whether the social media platform can be an effective marketing tool, and can deliver a significant return on investment. SALT LAKE CITY – Can businesses make money with Foursquare? Right now? That’s the question […]

Customer Stealing: Use Location Based Marketing To Your Advantage

If you are a business owner with a brick-and-mortar location, location-based marketing is a quick and easy way to pick up customers. From your competition. Call it customer stealing, if you will. And it isn’t difficult to pull off. Let’s pretend for a moment that I worked for a local car dealer and I was […]

WTC Recap: Mitch Joel, Chris Brogan, and Julien Smith on SEO and its Future

SEO is alive and flourishing, according to some best-selling authors and professional bloggers. In a Utah event sponsored by the Women Tech Council in Utah last week, Chris Brogan, Mitch Joel, and Julien Smith drove home the importance of visibility as one of the keys to building online communities and earning consumer trust today. While […] Sponsors WTC Social Media Summit with Chris Brogan, Julien Smith and Mitch Joel

Video thumbnail for youtube video Sponsors WTC Social Media Summit with Chris Brogan, Julien Smith and Mitch Joel -

When we heard about the Women Tech Council’s event, which hosts three New York Times Bestselling authors and renowned marketers, we jumped at the chance to be part of it. Chris Brogan, Julien Smith and Mitch Joel — some of the most respected leaders in social media marketing — will focus on building trust and […]

2,685 Reasons Why Search Marketing is Vital for Public Relations

95% of journalists use Google and other search engines during the course of research for a story 93% of journalists look at a company website during the course of research for a story -PRWeek/PRNewswire On the surface, the public relations industry seems to be in the middle of an upheaval. But in reality, PR firms […] Unveils New Website and Expanded Services

With’s new website, marketers now can utilize search engine optimization, social media marketing, pay-per-click advertising, conversion optimization, and search-optimized Web design to reach millions of online shoppers SALT LAKE CITY – Businesses will invest $23.6 billion in search marketing this year, according to AdvertisingAge. With 14 billion online searches each month and social media […]

Will Social Media Replace The Search Engines?

I was reading a post this morning on the Single Grain blog about how social media will replace the search engines. Here is what I have to say about this post and social media and SEO strategies in general. To start off, I don’t believe that social media portals will ever replace SEO. However, in […]

2010 Online Predictions – Part 2: Social Media

Disclaimer: these predictions are not entirely the belief of as an organization, or the people that work for These predictions are speculated and completely FUN, and more importantly, if you look hard enough between the lines, you’ll find some good “nuggets” for the upcoming year’s social media strategy. Feel free to view Part […]