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a-tech-workerMake the Search Engines Work for You

More than 100 billion searches are performed every month – how are you going to get a bit of that coming to your website? There is a real opportunity here, and you can use our optimization strategies, pay-per-click advertising, and, content marketing expertise to make the search engines a powerful tool for building your brand and attracting customers.

Build a Community of Brand Advocates

Social supports search. Social media outlets are critical in today’s online marketplace, and you can capitalize on this opportunity to turn regular customers into brand advocates. Are you ready to start influencing the conversation? These social sites have populations the equivalent of large countries – you can’t ignore that much potential. Call us to see how social channels affect your business.

Value is Not in the Visitor
small-business-ownerIt’s in the customer. Your rankings won’t mean a thing if your visitors don’t actually do anything, so let’s focus on conversion and turn your website into a sales and lead generation machine. The total lifetime value of customers who come through organic search is 54% higher than the average, and you can build a long-term revenue stream by converting casual visitors into real customers.