How to Write a Blog Headline for Higher CTRs

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Last Updated June 5, 2024

As a business owner, you know online marketing is hugely important for your business. Most businesses have websites and often create new and exciting content for clients and potential leads to enjoy. If you want to start marketing your business, a blog is a great way to answer frequent questions about your industry.

The first step is a great title. The title is the gateway to the rest of your post, and you want it to be engaging and informative — clickable but not clickbaity. Here are a few ways you can write a catchy headline that generates interest.

1. Try out some variations

You probably know the general topic you’d like to cover in your article. The first step is to think of every variation of that topic and write it down. 

Write about ten variations of your potential headline. For example, if you’re writing about lower email bounce rates, here are some headline options:

  • The Complete Guide to Lowering Email Bounce Rate
  • What Are Email Bounce Rates?
  • How to Lower Your Email Bounce Rate
  • Making Sense of Email Bounce Rates

You’ll notice that these headlines each use a slightly different format but answer a similar user question. After you’ve created a list, pick the one you think might work the best for your blog or try out a few to see what feels right.

You may notice that headline writing consumes a large chunk of your writing process. That’s how it should be. The headline is the first thing people see, so you want to spend time making it perfect.

2. Consider who and what you’re writing for

If you find that you can’t quite get your headlines the way you want with a list of potential ideas, the next step is to dive a little deeper. Consider who the article is for and its purpose. 

There are many great tools out there to help you blog better, including Google Analytics 4. If you already have other blog posts on your site, this tool allows you to analyze which pages users spend the most time on. If they spend the most time on articles with question titles, consider that approach for future posts. 

You should also consider your business type and the customers you attract. For example, if you sell to a primarily younger demographic, your blog post titles might benefit from a more fun and playful tone. Always think about the purpose of your writing and keep your goals in mind. 

3. Do your research

Another great way to create blog headlines is to check out the competition and see what else is out there. If you have a general idea of what topic you want to write about, type those words into a search engine and see what comes up. Looking at the main page of search results is a great way to see the most popular posts on your topic.

After searching for your primary term, try out variations with similar keywords and note what changes in the search results. This research method is relatively simple and can tell you a lot about what’s already available. You’ll also see some great headlines that you can use as inspiration in your own writing. 

If your business has a few key competitors in the area, another great way to generate headlines is to look at their websites. If they have a blog, skimming through past articles might give you ideas for what to use in your posts and what you want to avoid.

These online research methods help you set the boundaries for what is already out there and popular. Doing a little research gives you a guide to follow in your own headline writing about a particular topic.

4. Stick to tried and true methods

When you feel completely stuck, the best way to write headlines is to rely on tried and true methods. Research has shown that certain headlines often generate more clicks than others. 

Here are a few key features:

  • Interrogative words: People like to click on question headlines because they want to know the answer.
  • Guides: Users like instructional content. Use words like “guide,” “best methods,” and “101” in your titles. 
  • Emotional words: Emotional words, positive or negative, are a great way to generate interest in a blog post. 

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