Using Google Analytics for Conversion Optimization Webinar Recap

Using Google Analytics for Conversion Optimization Webinar Recap

Thanks to everyone that attended the Google analytics webinar last week!

It was filled with some great questions and discussion. Specifically, we talked about actionable ways to use Google Analytics to measure and improve conversion rates. I stuck to the topic of analytics, and didn’t talk about any of the usual CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) topics, such as headlines, copy, calls to action, and keeping things above the fold.

I also may have ranted a bit about the constant loss of data and insight in the new version of Google Analytics (v5) over the last 6-9 months…

The slides are embedded below, and a recording has been posted for your viewing pleasure!

I love talking about conversion optimization and analytics, so if you have questions or comments, use the comment section below or hit me up on G+ or Twitter!

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