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Put social media networks like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn to work for your business with WebFX (the team behind Learn what our customizable social media marketing services include (and why we’re a favorite social media marketing company) below, or contact us directly!

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Boost your brand awareness

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Get your brand in front of your target audience

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What to expect with social media marketing services

Expand your reach, increase your online presence, and build audience relationships that turn into sales and brand loyalty with custom social media marketing services that include:

  • Award-winning team of social media marketing specialists
  • Personalized social media marketing strategy
  • Industry-specific account manager
  • Custom social media content, posts, and designs
  • Unique strategies across multiple social media platforms
  • Targeted and custom-designed social media ads
  • Regular communication and results reporting
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Let’s Drive Results Together

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How our social media management services help you succeed

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Expand your reach

And drive revenue

  • Data-driven, expert led social media strategies
  • Highly targeted advertisements
  • Multi-platform campaigns
  • Custom content, posts, and designs
  • In-house revenue acceleration software
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Grow your bottom line

And prove it to leadership

  • In-house ROI-tracking software
  • Custom, comprehensive reports and consultations
  • Industry-specific social media experts
  • Data-backed social media campaigns
  • 20% average increase in ROI
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Streamline your strategy

And save valuable time

  • Full-service social media and digital marketing solution
  • Strategy creation, implementation, and ongoing management
  • Add-on services, like PPC and SEO
  • Dedicated subject-matter experts
  • Regular communication and reporting
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Get a trusted partner

And start leading the market

  • $6 billion generated in revenue for clients
  • 1 billion data points for actionable social media insights
  • 500+ in-house professionals
  • 93% client satisfaction rate
  • 91% client retention rate

Case Study: Earning 131% more leads with social media marketing services

Hydroworx, a leading manufacturer of hydrotherapy equipment, took advantage of the full-service partnership we offer by leveraging our social media marketing services, plus PPC, SEO, and web design capabilities to grow their business.

Since partnering together, Hydroworx has seen:

131% Increase in SEO Contact Forms
236% Increase in SEO Traffic
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FAQs about social media marketing services

  • What do your social media marketing services include? Chevron

    As a part of our social media marketing services, you’ll receive the following:

    Social media team

    You’ll receive a complete social media team with knowledge in the following areas:

    • Social media marketing
    • Social media advertising
    • Customer support
    • Reporting

    If needed, you can also access our experts in other digital marketing strategies like:

    • Digital marketing
    • Paid advertising
    • Content marketing
    • And more
    Social media networks

    With our team, you can market your business on multiple social media platforms, including:

    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • Instagram
    • LinkedIn
    • TikTok

    Pick and choose the ones you want to focus on, and our team will help you use social media platforms like LinkedIn effectively!


    Got a social media strategy? If you do, our team will work alongside you to achieve your goals. We’ll also review your strategy and provide feedback if we spot opportunities for improving your approach.

    If you don’t have a pre-existing strategy or prefer a brand-new one, we’ll collaborate to create one. Here, we’ll take the time to understand your business’s goals, workflow, industry, competitors, and more to create an effective strategy.

    Your strategy doesn’t end there, though.

    As your partner for social media marketing, we’ll provide actionable recommendations on how to improve your strategy each year (or sooner if needed) to adapt to changes in the market, social media algorithms, and more.

    Social media posts

    Don’t worry about brainstorming, writing, designing, or publishing social media posts with our social media management services. As your agency, we’ll handle this process with our dedicated experts in social media, copy, and design.

    If you prefer an active role in social media posting, we invite you to join!

    Whether you want to have an active role in certain stages, like generating ideas, or throughout the process, we can meet your unique needs. And don’t worry, you’ll proof all social media content before publishing.

    Social media advertising

    From our experience, we’ve found clients find the most success with social media marketing when they also advertise. Due to social media algorithms, it’s become a vital strategy for businesses that want to grow their social media reach.

    That’s why our social media marketing services include boosted posts, a type of social media ad.

    If you’re not familiar with advertising on social media, no worries. Alongside your account manager, you’ll get a seasoned social media advertiser to set up, monitor, and evaluate your paid social media ads to maximize your success.


    Regular reporting makes it easy to check and share your social media performance.

    Based on your provided goals and priorities, your social media team will create a custom report for your business. If you’re unsure what to measure, we’ll provide recommendations based on your strategy and goals.

    Your account manager will also review your report in a recurring meeting, so you can ask questions, brainstorm, and more.

  • Why use your social media marketing company? Chevron

    Businesses have chosen our social media marketing company for several reasons, including:

    • Experience
    • Customer service
    • Custom solutions
    • Performance

    If you’re curious to learn more about our client experiences, contact us today for client referrals.

  • What are social media management services? Chevron

    Social media management services are professional services for managing your business’s presence on social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Typically, these services occur on an ongoing basis with the aim of increasing a brand’s visibility, followers, and engagement.

  • How much do social media management services cost? Chevron

    Social media management services cost between $500 to $5000 per month. How much you pay for social media management services will depend on the provider, the scope of work, and the number of networks. Request a quote for the most accurate pricing.

  • How long do social media management services take to work? Chevron

    How long social media management services take to work depends on what you define as success. For example, if you’re looking to improve followers, you could see results in a month, but if you’re looking to increase sales, you might not see results for several months.

  • When should I use social media management services? Chevron

    In our experience, we’ve found most businesses benefit from social media management services when:

    • They’re looking to save time
    • They’re looking to alleviate skill gaps
    • They’re looking to improve results

    So, if you’re noticing a shift in time, results, or experience, consider the impact a social media marketing agency could make on your team and business.

  • Why use social media management services? Chevron

    Social media management services have several benefits, including:

    • Save time: Having someone else manage your social media will save you an immense amount of time. For example, you’ll no longer need to brainstorm, create, and publish posts. Instead, you’ll have the freedom to work on other projects.
    • Optimize resources: Outsourcing social media management optimizes your resources, too. You can put your time and budget towards other areas by leveraging your service provider’s resources, like dedicated social media tools.
    • Get expert advice: A trusted social media marketing company can also be a great resource for your team. With dedicated social media experts, they can provide strategy recommendations and advice during tougher times, like handling a negative review.

    These are just some of the most commonly cited benefits of outsourcing social media management.

Upgrade your social media package with these add-ons

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SEO Services

Boost your brand awareness and online visibility even more with SEO. Optimize your website to outrank your competitors in relevant search results, attract more visits to your physical store, drive more traffic to your website, and earn more leads and sales for your company.

View SEO Services

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Content Marketing Services

Every social media campaign needs custom content. Our in-house team of copywriters and editors will create a range of high-quality content that you can share on your social channels to boost engagement and traffic to your site.

View Content Marketing Services

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Email Management Services

Further engage with your audience and form long-term relationships with email. Generate and nurture leads, keep your brand top of mind with informational and sales content, and build customer loyalty with our email team.

View Email Management Services


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Web Design Services

Social media helps you encourage followers to visit your website to check out your offerings or read your content. Ensure your website design hooks your visitors, keeps them on your site, and encourages them to take action with our web design services.

View Web Design Services


Reach (and convert) more fans with social media management services


From Facebook to LinkedIn to Instagram, we’ve helped companies use a variety of social media platforms to build visibility, awareness, and reach. If you’re looking to do the same with social media management services, contact our award-winning team today to learn how we can help!

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