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Google’s search partners are a network of search engines and websites that display Google ads alongside search results.

Last Updated July 8, 2024
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Google Search Partners are integral to Google Ads, revolutionizing marketing campaigns and offering various advantages for businesses. Google has made it easier to reach your target audience while controlling your campaign costs with online ads that operate on a cost-per-click (CPC) business model. 

Armed with the correct information, you can set up your Google Ads campaigns to drive traffic to your site, allowing you to garner hot leads and boost your sales. When you set up your campaign, you need to decide whether or not to include Google Search Partners. 

Before you do so, find out what a Google Search Partner is and how you can use Google’s partners to boost your ad campaign.

What are Google Search Partners?

Google’s search partners are a network of search engines and websites that display Google ads alongside search results. 

The Google Search Partners setting enables you to display your ads on Google’s partner sites. With the setting enabled, you can reach audiences beyond Google and YouTube — increasing your overall reach. 

When you start a new Google Ad search campaign, you can choose to display your ads on Search Partner sites by enabling the Google Search Partners setting. Your ads will appear on site directories, search result pages, and other related pages. 

Who are Google’s Search Partners? 

Where will your ads appear if you add Google Search Partners to your ad campaign? Google does not provide a comprehensive list of its Search Partners, but some partners include:

  • Google sites: YouTube, Google Images, Google Play, Google Maps, Google Shopping, Google Groups and more. 
  • Other sites: Amazon, Target, Walmart, The New York Times, Ask.com, Dogpile.com, BizRate.com, Lycos.com, W3Schools and more. 

One misconception about Google Search Partners is that they are small and have limited reach. Although Google does have Search Partners that garner significantly less traffic, they also partner with giants like Target and Amazon. Ads appearing on these giant sites can send you lots of traffic. 

If you want to know if a site displays a Google advertisement, you can hover over the ad link to see if the ad directs you to a Google.com domain.


Should I include Google Search Partners in my ad campaign? 

Adding Google Search Partners to your next search campaign can significantly benefit your business, but there are also a few potential risks. You can make the best decision for your campaign by weighing up the pros and cons. 

The advantages of using Google Search Partners include:

  • Greater reach: When Google displays your ads on their Search Partner’s sites, you can increase your reach and possibly drive more prospects to your site. 
  • Increased visibility: Prospects can see your ads on various sites, making your brand more visible across the web. 
  • Possibility of lower CPC: CPCs on Google Search Partner Sites might be less competitive and more affordable — driving down the cost of your advertising campaign.  

The disadvantages of using Google Search Partners include:

  • Less control: While Google will use your targeting parameters to display your ads on specific sites, you cannot choose which Google Search Partner sites will display your ad. When you include Google Search Partners in your ad campaign, you’ll have less control over where Google displays your ads. 
  • Potentially lower traffic quality: Because you have less control over where Google places your ad, the quality of traffic your ad directs to your site may differ from Google’s. 
  • Campaign performance variability: Your campaign results can vary depending on which partner sites display your ad, your ad type, and their audiences’ preferences. While some campaigns fare well on these partner sites, others don’t, making it challenging to predict a campaign’s results. 

Google Search Partners FAQs

Read these frequently asked questions to learn more about how Google Search Partners work.

How do I enable Google Search Partners? 

When you start a new campaign, it automatically includes Google Search Partners. You can toggle this setting on and off when you create or edit your campaign. 

To do so, click on the campaign and open the settings tab. Here, you’d want to click on the “Networks” option, then check or uncheck the box next to the words “Include Google search partners’. When you’re done, click “Save.”

Can I enable Google Search Partners for specific ad groups?

No. You’ll need to enable the Google Search Partner setting on a campaign level. You can’t include this setting at an Ad Group level. 

Can I choose which Google Search Partners sites should display my ads? 

You won’t be able to choose specific Google Partner sites, but you can set up placement exclusions at your Google Ads account level. Google allows you to enter the URLs of sites you’d like to prevent your ads from displaying. 

Can I run a campaign solely on Google Search Partners sites?

No. If you want to display your ads on Google Search Partners sites, you will also need to do so on Google. 

What kind of campaigns use Google Search Partners?

You can enable Google Search Partners for search campaigns. These campaigns rely on text ads that Google displays when users search for specific content. Search campaigns drive traffic, leads, and sales. 


Maximize your Google Ads performance

Now that you know more about Google Search Partners, you can make an informed choice about enabling this setting for your next Google Ads campaign. 

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