Learn How to Use LinkedIn Effectively in 16 Ways

SEO.com Team

LinkedIn is a powerful tool for professional online networking. 

You can use it to find jobs, advance your career, hire employees, locate leads and business partners, and connect with other professionals to build online relationships and promote your brand.

Although it is technically a social network, the strategies you use may differ from those you use for other types of social media marketing, as the audience on this platform is here for different reasons.

In this post, we’ll highlight 16 ways you can start using LinkedIn to drive results today.

Let’s dive in!

16 best ways to use LinkedIn

Discover how to use LinkedIn effectively to maximize your LinkedIn experience by building your personal profile, engaging with a network of professionals, and promoting your business.

The best way to use LinkedIn is to organize it into categories: Personal profile, business profile, marketing and networking, and advertising. 

All these categories work together and will contribute to your strategy as one of the best ways to use LinkedIn.

Personal profile

  1. Define your personal profile keywords according to your skills, background, and your career goals.Adding relevant keywords to your LinkedIn profile is crucial to learning how to use LinkedIn effectively, especially the best way to use LinkedIn for professional growth. By strategically incorporating skills, industry, and expertise, you increase visibility and attract potential connections and opportunities. This proactive approach aligns your profile with professional goals, increasing chances of meaningful connections and leveraging the platform’s potential. Use  keywords on your headline, profile summary and job descriptions.
  2. Optimize your profile using keywords. Keeping SEO strategies in mind will help your Linkedin profile rank for those selected keywords and match them with your name and (or) your company’s name. As mentioned above, keywords should appear on your headline and profile summary. Also, use those keywords on your posts, articles and (or) the newsletter will improve your profile’s reach and connections.
  1. Showcase your skills by earning endorsements and taking advantage of LinkedIn’s Learning Courses and Certifications.
  1. Create a Profile Badge for your personal website. You can promote your LinkedIn profile by adding a Profile Badge to your personal website or blog. LinkedIn offers several badge designs that match your website’s style.

Business profile

  1. Create your business page, and keep it updated. Ensure your company page is properly set up with the latest layout and an engaging, high-quality banner image.
  1. Create a showcase page. One of the best ways to use LinkedIn is to use showcase pages, which are niche pages that branch out from the principal Company Page. They will promote specific products or services and cater to a target audience, giving visitors a personalized experience.
  1. Utilizing LinkedIn’s Product Pages is the best way to use LinkedIn for showcasing your business’s offerings. This type of content provides a dedicated space to spotlight each product or service, allowing you to engage your audience effectively. 

By knowing how to use LinkedIn’s Product Pages, you can enhance brand visibility and create a compelling narrative around your offerings. This tool is a game-changer for effectively communicating value and connecting with your target market.

  1. Regularly update your company page, showcase, and product pages. Sharing regular posts and information about your products and content related to your keywords and business is one of the best ways to use LinkedIn.
  1. Complete your company’s career page. This will show relevance and your company’s growth. Keep it real and consistent. 

Marketing and networking

For both your personal and company profiles, it is essential to maintain a fluid and consistent exchange of activities with your colleagues and target market. 

One of the significant advantages of knowing how to use LinkedIn effectively is knowing the focus is on interactions such as comments, likes, posts, following profiles relevant to your target audience, your market, and fostering networking.

  1.  Connect with your colleagues, partners, and colleagues. This will help your network to grow and show your relevance. 
  1.  Connect and follow top company referents in the market niche. Engaging with top company influencers in your market niche on LinkedIn is the best way to use LinkedIn for expanding your network and industry insights. 

By knowing how to use LinkedIn to connect and follow these referents, you gain access to valuable knowledge, trends, and potential collaborations. This strategy helps you establish valuable industry connections and stay up-to-date with LinkedIn’s potential.

  1.  Publish interesting and unique articles using LinkedIn Newsletters.
  1.  LinkedIn’s Marketing Success Hub resource is a comprehensive resource for effectively using LinkedIn. It provides insights, tips, and best practices to enhance your marketing efforts, with guidance on optimizing profiles and creating engaging content.
  2.  Linkedin groups. Engaging in LinkedIn groups is vital for professionals mastering the best way to use LinkedIn. Connect, share insights, and stay updated within a thriving community, boosting your professional presence.
  3.  Host and share events on your LinkedIn Page. 


  1.  Execute strategic advertising campaigns to reach your ideal customer profiles. If your business is B2B, one of the best ways to use LinkedIn is using its advertising platform. 

Add LinkedIn to your social media strategy 

LinkedIn is a great ally and provides multiple opportunities when trying to find the best way to use LinkedIn to establish oneself as a professional powerhouse. 

By implementing these strategies for using LinkedIn effectively, you can expand your network, showcase your expertise, and unlock career-enhancing possibilities. 

Remember that the best way to use LinkedIn is with authenticity, enthusiasm, and a commitment to building genuine connections.