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Browser extensions can make your life a whole lot easier. They’re a great way to personalize your browsing experience and make your digital marketing efforts more effective. With so many extensions available, I wanted to share five for Chrome that I use on a daily basis to increase my efficiency:

1. Clear Cache

Clear Cache Google Chrome Extensions

This plug-in will quickly and completely clear your browser’s cache and cookies with a single click. The tool does allow you to customize how much information you want cleared, including form data, passwords, browser history, and also lets you select the time period for which you want this data removed (last hour, week, month, etc.).

Download here: http://goo.gl/6NPkp

2. AYIMA Redirect Path

Redirect Path Google Chrome Extension

This HTTP & redirect checker shows you the status codes and redirect path for all the URLs your browser visited before reaching your current page. This tool makes identifying all URLs in a redirect chain, as well as any temporary redirects (302s) that could be stopping the flow of juice to a webpage, a breeze.

Download here: http://goo.gl/ucHDo

SEO Tip – In a Webmaster Tools Help Video, Matt Cutts tells viewers that Googlebot probably will not follow any more that 5 redirects in a chain and also discourages using 302s and 301s together in a chain.

3. Canonical Inspector

Canonical Inspector Google Chrome Extension
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A canonical tag is an effective way to prevent duplicate content issues by letting search engines know which version of a page is the “preferred” or “canonical” version. The canonical inspector plug-in is a big time saver for checking whether a webpage has a canonical version. It works by adding a small icon to your browser bar which disappears when no canonical tag is present, changes to gray when the canonical tag matches the canonical URL, and glows blue when the canonical tag detected on a page references another URL.

Download here: http://goo.gl/MGilE

4. Awesome Screenshot

Awesome Screenshot Google Chrome Extension

This screen capture extension is great for capturing all or part of a webpage and makes, cropping, editing and annotating your screenshots incredibly easy. Having a visual example with notes and highlights is a great way to clearly communicate recommendations or a message by itself or in conjunction with other content.

Download here: http://goo.gl/Hl8Oz

5. Check My Links

Check My Links Google Chrome Extension

This handy link checker tool crawls through a webpage and highlights all the broken links (404s) that it finds in red. This is a fantastic tool for any broken link or relationship building initiative. Find a broken link on a webpage? Throw it into Open Site Explorer and see where else it exists on the web for additional link building opportunities. Also, what better way to start an outreach email than by alerting a webmaster to a broken link on a page?

Download here: http://goo.gl/FhKnS

What extensions do you use on a daily basis that make your life easier?