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SEO Help for Beginners: Your Complete Guide Rank higher and drive more traffic with our expert-led SEO guide, featuring essential tools, top learning resources like Google Analytics Academy, HubSpot Academy, and LinkedIn Learning, and specialized services from to boost […]
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  • June 4, 2024
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If you want to succeed at digital marketing, you have to ensure your website ranks at the top of customers’ searches. Implementing search engine optimization (SEO) can drive more traffic to your page, boost your brand awareness, generate more leads, and increase your revenue. 

Thousands of resources can help you learn about SEO. Deciding where to start your research and learning journey can be challenging. Thankfully, a few marketing leaders continue to provide expert guidance and resources for those who are new to SEO practices.

Optimize your time and effort by following our SEO guide. We list the most helpful SEO websites, tools and services you should use to achieve your business-related goals. 

3 of the best places to learn more about SEO

Here are some sources you can trust for learning material and exercises: 

1. Google Analytics Academy 

Most people know what Google is — so why not learn how to optimize your searches for Google at the Google Analytics Academy? Their free courses provide detailed and valuable insight into their measurement tools. 

Plus, their Analytics IQ Exam is an industry-recognized qualification. When you pass, you’ll show you have the skills to optimize an effective marketing strategy and develop smarter ad campaigns.

To prepare for their certification exam, you can take the Google Analytics for Beginners and Advanced Google Analytics courses, access mini-courses on YouTube, and read additional articles available on their blog.

2. HubSpot Academy

Want to learn from an international marketing and sales leader? The HubSpot Academy website offers an excellent place to learn about SEO. They offer 100% free online courses with unlimited access, so you can go back to review the content at any time. 

The comprehensive certifications and training programs dive into the best SEO practices, including keyword research, link building, and website optimization. 

Look at their course curriculums to discover what’s included — the interactive learning experiences typically feature video lectures, exercises, lesson plans, and quizzes. 

3. LinkedIn Learning

Explore the online LinkedIn Learning website to access over 21,000 free courses led by industry specialists. The platform offers ways to take your SEO skills to the next level with standalone courses or pre-defined learning paths.

Each standalone course provides a deep-dive learning experience about specific topics such as SEO techniques or marketing tools. You may earn a badge or certification at the end of each course.  

The learning paths offer a more comprehensive approach. Learn everything you need to know about improving your search engine ranking!

Tools to help you with SEO

After learning SEO basics or advanced skills, you may question how to get started. Use these top-rated tools to optimize your approach:

  • Google Analytics 4: Enable Google Analytics 4 to collect your website data, process the information and generate reports so you can learn which pages bring in the most traffic and refine your strategy.
  • Google Search Console: Use Google Search Console (GSC) to understand how your site performs on Google, review pages that are already indexed, and submit individual URLs for crawling.
  • Moz Pro: Add the MozBar toolbar to your browser as a Google Chrome extension so you can understand a page’s potential ranking with metrics like page and domain authority with real-time data.
  • Ahrefs: Use Ahrefs to receive an in-depth report about your best-performing web pages, identify link-building opportunities on your site, and analyze your competition’s backlinks. 
  • Semrush: Enable Semrush to check for SEO issues with HTML tags, broken links, and suitability for crawling so you know how to improve your SEO.
  • Screaming Frog: Complete a quick audit of your website using Screaming Frog, which identifies technical issues such as loading times, response codes, broken links, redirect issues, meta tags, and cannibalization. 
  • Sitebulb: Sitebulb is another useful tool you can use to audit your website and receive valuable insights into how your content is performing and areas you can improve to boost your website’s ranking. 
  • PageSpeed Insights: Use PageSpeed Insights to measure how fast a page loads on desktop computers and mobile devices, generate reports with scoring and provide recommendations for improvements.
  • Yoast: Add the Yoast SEO plugin to WordPress so you can create XML sitemaps, customize titles and meta tags, integrate social media, and support Google Analytics.
  • KWFinder: Allow the KWFinder tool to provide data-driven recommendations for keywords you should use and provide details about your competitors’ strategies. 

Services to help you with SEO 

Outsourcing your SEO tasks allows you to save time, receive the tailored support you need, optimize your marketing budget, improve your return on investment (ROI) tracking, and focus on other projects. Here are some types of services to consider:

  • Local SEO services: Rank higher than the competitors in your local market when you optimize your website and listings.
  • Ecommerce SEO services: Optimize your online shopping presence to increase site traffic and boost your sales conversion rates.
  • Voice SEO services: Enable your website to appear for voice searches, which contain more words in search strings than typed searches and provide a high relevance for local and urgent services. 
  • SEO audit services: Conduct a full analysis of the factors affecting your website’s visibility in search engines so you can identify issues and strategize your SEO. 
  • On-page SEO services: Improve on-page elements, including your page titles, headlines, content, image alt-tags, the page URL, and links to boost your search engine rankings.
  • Off-page SEO services: Build high-authority backlinks to your site to enhance your online presence. 
  • Technical SEO services: Stay competitive by optimizing your website’s backend, including your site content, page speed, and site architecture. 

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